What Emily Did in November


I actually left Manchester not once but twice in November. And not even for work! For fun! To do fun things! First off I went to Krakow for five days with Rich was really excellent. A beautiful city with lots to eat and drink and do. Hugely affordable by UK standards also.



Then I escaped Manchester for a second time and went to Cambridge to have fake Christmas with some friends. As well as drinking lots of mulled wine and port, eating cheese and a delicious roast dinner, we also went for a lovely (slightly chilly) walk along the river.


Of course we ate and drank like royalty in Krakow. We had one ‘traditional’ meal at a Polish restaurant, and a few plates of pierogi. The potato and cheese ones in particular were awesome. Other than that we had burgers, steak, sushi, bagels, pizza. We are never knowingly underfed, that’s for certain.


Other than in Krakow, I went out to eat a few times in Manchester also. Some friends and I tried to get a table at Shoryu Ramen during their soft launch but due to not being willing to queue in the cold, we went to Rudys instead. Which also involved a long wait for a table but at least there was no outdoor queuing! With the same group we managed to get a soft launch table at The Refinery. The restaurant itself is great. The food I thought was pretty average.


I started The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison, and then left my Kindle at home by accident when I went on holiday, so I bought Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman at the airport. None of these books were very good. Lying About Last Summer was just very flat. All of the themes in it – grief, romance, shock, conspiracy – just did nothing to stir anything in me. I’m probably not the target audience in fairness. It was an easy read however, and I managed to read most of it on the flight home. The Butterfly Garden was another weird one. It was really horrible, for a start. I don’t think that fiction should shy away from nasty topics but I did have to wonder what it was trying to achieve. I got a bit lost towards the end also. However again it was another page-turner so got me through numerous bus journeys.


I did lots of walking while on holiday: at least 1.5 hours every day, and most days a lot more due to exploring, going on walking tours etc. Other than that I only really managed a few gym classes and at-home HIIT sessions. To be honest I’ve slipped into the mindset of ‘I’ll get back into it in 2017’ which I guess isn’t great, but oh well. In a general, reflecting on the year sense, I feel quite happy with the effort and commitment I’ve made to exercise and fitness this year. I know now that I feel better for working out, so I just need to keep using that knowledge to fight against my inner lazy bitch.

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