What Emily Did in July


Rich and I went to a friend’s party in Rotterdam, and as it was most convenient to fly in and out of Amsterdam we spent a few days there as well. We’ve both been before (he’s actually been twice before) but still had a great time. The weather was nice and we took it as an opportunity to relax rather than be particularly active. We spent a lot of time roaming around though, as we like to do, and we walked to the Museum Quarter, sat in the gardens, then left to eat a burger. This is how we holiday. Rotterdam was also lovely, however again we didn’t do a lot of ‘touristy’ stuff but rather just caught up with friends and enjoyed the party. I danced so much at the party that the next day I felt like I’d been hit by a bus- so I’d say it was a good one!




We ate many a delicious thing in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, of course. We had great pizza (and tiramisu) at La Perla, a nice burger at Burger Bar, and okonomyaki at Japanese Pancake World. I am now on a hunt to find okonomyaki in Manchester- if anyone knows where you can get it please help!



I read Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain which I really enjoyed and would recommend.


At the end of the Bar Belles course that I mentioned, I was sent a sample workout programme. It is based on working out four times a week and having three rest days which works quite well for me. I managed to stick to it all month and in the spreadsheet that my friend and I use to log exercise* I got my highest score yet! I’m feeling pretty motivated overall which I think is as a result of deciding that I would be motivated rather than waiting for it to happen naturally. I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who super duper loves the gym and would rather be there than anywhere else, but that’s ok. And admittedly I think my routine will be harder to stick to in August when I have a few long weekends planned and might be away a bit with work. As long as I keep reminding myself that exercise makes me feel good and is not something I do to punish myself I should be fine and it will all even out.


*My pal and I use a shared Google sheet to track what we ate and what exercise we’ve done. It’s been ongoing for a while now, and while we don’t really use it to compete against each other, it is nice to be accountable to someone if I don’t get off my arse for a month straight. Also it’s a good springboard for sharing delicious recipes and meal ideas.


As I said in my last post, I don’t do a lot of work chat on social media so won’t go into details but I started my new job and I’m enjoying it so far! One thing I will say is that my office has a Nespresso machine so I am very caffeinated.

I love to read comments, so please share what's on your mind! I try my best to reply. If you want a quick response to a question please tweet me @emdawgb :)

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