What Emily Did in June

Yes it has taken me until the 17th of July to write this. A brief one today as it appears I did next to nothing in June.


I didn’t eat out much (by my own standards of eating out almost constantly) in June as I was a bit of a hermit. I did however enjoy date night at The Pasta Factory. Rich and I shared a mixed starter which involved a wide variety of super tasty things, including lots of delicious cheese. For my main course I chose the squid ink spaghetti with grilled octopus, which was amazing. I would definitely recommend it.


Rich and I managed to get into a really good groove of making nice, healthy meals at home. Before living together I would say we both ate quite differently when it came to home cooking, and it’s been somewhat tricky trying to get into sync with each other. Obviously we could (and sometimes do) cook separately but it’s just easier and nicer to cook and eat together most of the time. Here’s some of the food we ate in June.



I went on a trip to Skipton Beer Festival, which was great. My friend also visited one weekend and we went to the Manchester Museum, and I wondered why on earth I haven’t been there before. It’s great! The Climate Control exhibition was really good, and I believe it’s still on so I implore all Manchester-based folk to go.



I signed up for and successfully attended a beginner’s weight training course. This was totally new to me, as I had used weight machines at the gym and done some classes that involved weights but never once ventured into the free weights area. Except maybe once or twice where I wandered over and just picked up some weights to see how heavy they were, and then ran away again. The course was called Bar Belles and was aimed at women new to using weights. It was delivered at The Gym Group and involved four weekly sessions. Sadly it wasn’t included in my membership and cost £20 but I would honestly say it was so worth it. I think it will run again and I would really recommend it! I also bought some weights to use at home for days when I can’t or don’t want to go to the gym.



I left my job in June – to start a new one in July, so all positive! I don’t tend to talk much about work on here but it’s in the same sector I was in and I’m happy to be moving on. My wonderful colleagues bought me an array of amazing leaving gifts. Yes that is a mirror that looks like a doughnut. I love (and hoard) notebooks so while I definitely did not need any more, I really appreciate them!


I love to read comments, so please share what's on your mind! I try my best to reply. If you want a quick response to a question please tweet me @emdawgb :)

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