What Emily Did In May

2016 is really getting away from me! I’m not the type to say this every year, though perhaps this is what getting old feels like. I’m trying to ignore the fact that my 16-25 railcard expires in February… Ahem. These posts have been a really positive thing for me, allowing me to reflect on the month and see what I’ve been up to.


As with most every month so far in 2016, I ate loads of delicious things. For the sake of brevity, I’ll stick to the highlights.

At the start of the month, I met my uni friends in Leeds for a spa weekend at Oulton Hall. The spa facilities were great and we got a pretty good deal (shout if you want details!), dinner in the restaurant was excellent, but honestly the standout for me was the lunch. I ordered a salad. Everyone mocked me. But I had faith. And the faith panned out…


Look at that bloody delicious salmon Caesar salad with a huge, beautifully cooked piece of salmon on it. Just look at it. I still daydream about this salad sometimes.

Myself and some of my Manchester ladies checked out TNQ restaurant in, you guessed it, the Northern Quarter. I advise that if you want some delicious food and a skinful of wine on a Monday or a Thursday you get yourself booked in for their set menu, which offers three courses and unlimited wine for just under £30. I had ham hock croquettes with grilled asparagus and chive hollandaise; sea bass with tomato compote and Jersey Royal galette; and a crème brulee. All really truly delicious, as was the wine which was flowing. 7



No adventures of note in May, sadly! I need to plan some fun days out in and around Manchester.


I read two books in May. I really need to pick up the pace. The books were What You Wish For by Mark Edwards and Judith Wants to be Your Friend by Annie Weir. The former was a lot of fun, nothing groundbreaking but very enjoyable. The latter was, all in all, unsatisfying.


I didn’t do enough exercise in May (by my own standards) but I did take the plunge and do a circuits class. And… I didn’t die! It was terrible and horrible and also great. I felt very unfit, out of breath, sweaty, and a bit embarrassed to be so much less fit than others. But I persevered nonetheless, pausing/resting at times when I felt I might actually die, and I finished the class. I was sore for a good few days afterwards. I’ll go again though. I also signed up to a beginner’s weight lifting class… more info on that will be in my June post!

2 thoughts on “What Emily Did In May

  1. Oh my word! That salad looks amazing! I’m so glad that you had a lovely time… And that you’re still alive!… I was starting to worry about you! (Off to check out your book choices!)

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