What Emily Did in April


A man came to my house, cooked me (and Rich) some brunch, then cleaned up and left. This was equal parts weird and awesome. To add some context, I won a competition to get a free brunch through La Belle Assiette, a private dining service. The person who came to cook for us was Luke Owen who is a) a Masterchef finalist and b) a really friendly and laid back character, which is exactly what you need when someone is hanging out in your home. He made us fruit salad with yoghurt and granola, eggs royale with crispy fried duck egg (I can’t accurately describe this but it was excellent), and strawberries and cream pancakes. He does supper clubs and private dining events in Manchester (and presumably further afield) so you should check him out if you’re into such things!


I ate a cheesecake brownie with meringue topping, in the style of a smore. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this really, do I?


The work I was doing in Lancaster came to an end and so I took the opportunity to get one last salad box from Radish. If you’re Lancaster based or ever go there, you should definitely try the salad boxes from there. They also do soups, sandwiches, scrambled eggs and many other things but I just can’t look past the salads.


Guys, I did the unthinkable and I bought a spiraliser. Well actually I decided to cut my carb consumption a bit (I know, I know) and then I bought a spiraliser. Please note that I am not going low-carb in any real sense of the word. My issue is that the majority of what I eat is carbs and I don’t think it’s good for me and also I eat very carb-heavy lunches at work and then am unable to do any work in the afternoon because I am hit with a food coma. So, I’m trying out reducing my carbs and seeing how I go. Spiralised courgette and carrots and cauliflower rice are working quite well for this, and various egg-based breakfasts. If anyone has any lower-carb tips hit me up please!




April wasn’t a big month for adventures but I did make it to Grizedale Forest on a sunny Saturday which I think may have been the entire British summer (sorry to break the news like this guys). This was a beautiful place and a great walk, even though my companions chose the strenuous walk and I thought I might die. However: I did not die. Great views and then some nice toad in the hole and a pint at a nearby pub.








I read Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which is so incredibly beautifully written but also unbearably heartbreaking. I’ll definitely be checking out more of Adichie’s work in the future. That’s all I managed to read throughout April because I need to step up my game.

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