What Emily Did in March

I started writing this post at the end of March but apparently it’s taken me until the middle of April to post it. Cliché time: how fast is this year going?! I’m baffled.


Rich and I made pizza and it was pretty good. We invested in a pizza stone and paddle (I say invested, they were fairly cheap) and they were definitely worth it.


I am continuing my fine tradition of eating nice desk lunches. I would also really recommend to other desk lunchers that you turn off your computer and read a book while you eat your lunch. I only get a 30 minute break but it feels great to switch off even for that short period of time.


This is butter bean and kale stew. It looks disgusting, yes? It’s really nice I promise. I will share the recipe in another post.


This is halloumi, cous cous, roasted peppers, spinach and olives. I like to keep a stash of those olives that come in little packets in the fridge at work as they make great snacks and also can be thrown on top of whatever I’ve brought for lunch to make it a bit more exciting.


On the left is the results of a freezer and fridge forage, comprising lamb and aubergine stew, halloumi, cous cous, and olives. On the right is sweetcorn fritters with spinach, avocado, and roasted courgette.

I have more of a savoury tooth (if that’s even an expression) than a sweet tooth – I’d pretty much always have the cheese plate rather than a dessert. However this didn’t stop me from ordering and enjoying these waffles at Alabama’s All American Eatery. They came with peanut butter, chantilly cream and chocolate sauce.



I’m really bad at reading lately. I need to get back into reading on the bus and on my lunch break. I finished The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood which is great but also very bleak. I started reading it on the train one morning and then had an inexplicable feeling of dread all day at work that I couldn’t shift. So watch out for that, but I would really recommend it nonetheless. I then powered through In the Light of What We See by Sarah Painter which I really enjoyed other than the ending. I also started reading Sane New World: Taming the Mind by Ruby Wax but couldn’t get through more than a few pages as I found it quite annoying: has anyone read it and if so can you tell me if it gets any better and whether I should persevere?


So after the epic fail of exercise in February (do people still say epic fail???) I tried to step up my game in March but it appears I still only went to the gym seven times. I had a week off during which I thought that I would go to the gym a lot but in fact I did not. Though I did quite a lot of walking (just from A to B) during that week so at least I wasn’t totally sedentary. I’m still trying to get into a routine and push past my natural laziness but that’s understandably tricky. I did get an exercise mat but have yet to do any exercise at home. I bought the Lean in 15 book (for Rich but obviously I have read it too) and might use it for inspiration and do the HIIT workouts, though I don’t think I could follow the eating plan to the letter for a number of reasons, not least that I don’t want to eat that much meat/eat meat that often.

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