I have lots of photos from Amsterdam, because I like to pretend that I am some sort of photography whizz with my three-year-old cheapie camera. Recently I’ve moved away from trying to take photos of All The Touristy Things – in the end, it’s just boring and frustrating crowding round something only to end up with a photo of other people taking photos – and just catching fun little things wherever I see them. I have attempted some sort of new fangled photo album thing here rather than putting them all into the post – please let me know if it has worked (and/or if you like the photos).

I have no exciting stories to tell. We did a lot of wandering around – Amsterdam is truly a lovely place just to walk around doing nothing much – and a lot of eating and drinking. We spent most of the time just moving from café to bar to restaurant to coffee shop to café to bar and so on and so forth. We saw a few museums but not many as a) the ones I wanted to see the most were having some kind of renovations and b) museums are really freaking expensive when you’re trying to work on some sort of budget.

We had a wonderful time on our very first holiday together. Of course now I just want to go away again, but isn’t that always the case?

13 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. Oh so jealous! Looks and sounds like a fantastic trip! I would just love to be able to wonder around new cities all over the world, just taking in the sights and eating the food – bliss. Love the photos :)

  2. Cute yellow coat!! Love the pictures! I’ve been thinking of trying out some kind of gallery as well because I hate having posts that are soooo long and take forever to load. Did you take the Eurostar to Amsterdam?

    • Thanks! My coat is from a charity shop and is one of my favourite things ever – it was about £12 and it’s such wonderful quality :)

      It was really easy to make the gallery on Windows Live Writer, took a while to publish the post to the blog but I was able to just walk away and do something else while it did its thing.

      No, we flew from Manchester. The Eurostar works out pretty expensive if you’re not going straight from London :( Although every time I read The Guardian I’m so tempted by the Eurostar offers to Belgium – peaceful train travel then a weekend of chocolate and beer just sounds idyllic.

      • Really? Sometimes I read blogs where London-dwellers are like ‘well I got up this morning and decided to pop over to Paris!’, which makes it seem reaaaally easy. Though I guess bloggers often sugarcoat and these people might be mega rich so have some kind of yearly pass, haha.

  3. Haha! Yeah I might have made it seem like that as well, and failed to mention I had to plan months and months in advance to be able to get the £69 return that they always advertise. It’s very difficult to get that price, and you have to leave at an ungodly hour. But when you do it, it’s totally worth it, because you’re there in 2 hours, 15 mins. Sometimes it takes me that long to travel across London!!! But for example, my mom is coming to visit in two months and that’s not far enough in advance so I just couldn’t justify spending £300 on Eurostar tickets when I could spend that much for flights to somewhere in Europe AND pay for a hotel.

    • Ooh no I didn’t mean you at all, honest! Your blog certainly doesn’t give off the ‘woke up and jumped on the Eurostar’ impression ;) As with everything there are really good deals but you probably have to jump through a variety of hoops to get them, lol. Ahh, being this far up North the idea of being on the continent in just over 2hrs on the train is just fantastic! Though flying to Amsterdam only took about 50 minutes which was pretty awesome.

      • Yeah, it can be incredibly convenient! Bratislava was a really awesome place to live when I was there for a while last year – I was about one hour away from Vienna, two hours from Budapest, three hours from Prague. If I had been there for longer/had more free time/had more money I could have easily travelled to Germany, Poland, Ukraine etc. So much easy travelling! :)

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