January has been quite a boring month. In fairness, I don’t very much mind starting the year with a month where nothing really happens, because it means I can only hope the coming months will hold a bit more excitement. If January had been too good, I’d be worrying that the other eleven won’t match up. (Or at least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself.)

It snowed, it rained, it froze, it flooded, and all the rest. I’ve started my ‘2013’ album on Facebook (I upload so few pictures to Facebook I only need one album per year) and all that’s in it s far is pictures of snow and frozen things. As I said, not the most exciting month.

You might think that with the terrible weather and the not-leaving-the-house, I would have read millions of books. I would have thought the same, if I’m honest, but somehow I did not. I read two books. Three if you want to count the fact that I listened to an audiobook of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. One of those books was Warm Bodies which was supremely awful. The other was The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window and Disappeared, which I actually loved, even if it was unexpectedly long. I did write a couple of book reviews at Judging Covers, though.

In terms of work and education and all that self betterment, I’ve been working on a freelance project that I feel very good about (but don’t want to go into detail about on here), and I have signed up for some courses on Coursera. If you’ve never heard of Coursera, go have a look! I can’t vouch for any of it being useful in ~the real world~ but learning is fun and free learning is fantastic.

So, even though I have next to nothing to say about the month just gone, there it is. How did your January go?

8 thoughts on “January

  1. I’ve been meaning to read Warm Bodies, but I haven’t. Maybe now I won’t…I am seeing the movie tonight so I guess I’ll see how I feel after that experience.

    • The film looks like it could be quite entertaining. Let me know what you think! The book seems to have got some really good reviews so maybe you will feel differently, but to me it was just so silly.

      • Okay so the movie was pretty silly, but still kind of funny. I wouldn’t buy it (or watch it again for that matter) but I don’t feel like I wasted money. Maybe I’ll read it anyway :P

  2. Oh my goodness, I had not heard of Coursera. I have found at least three things I genuinely might do. Free learning!

    • That was my thought process exactly – free learning! How exciting! As I tend to be quite paranoid I had to scour the website looking for the catch but there doesn’t seem to be one. It’s just accessible education for everyone. Awesome!

      • I’ve signed up to the Energy 101 course which started a week ago and will spend this weekend furiously catching up. I have already learned that ‘drying’ (e.g. newly dyed carpets) is a huge source of energy use in the manufacturing process and that the 2008 economic crisis led to a $90 drop in the price of a barrel of oil.
        Many thanks to you!

  3. I will definitely have to check out Coursera, it sounds amazing! My January has been pretty rubbish, I’m glad it’s over!

    Maria xxx

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