Last Chance

Believe it or not, I am actually working on two proper posts with actual content and they might even be funny or interesting or intellectual or something like that. (‘Might’ being the operative word there.) But while those fester in the drafts waiting for me to either finish them or give up on them, here is a survey that I spotted today.

Last food you ate….

Just this minute I finished consuming a packet of salted peanuts. What I really wanted was salted cashews or almonds, but the cheapskate within won when I realised that the peanuts were 35 cents as opposed to €2.50. I’m planning on cooking some actual food quite shortly, however. (By that I mean eggs and bread.)

Last beverage you drank….

Strawberry herbal tea. Before that it was strawberry and rhubarb tea. Before that it was peppermint tea, and before that it was green tea. Now I’m considering some chamomile tea. Mmm, tea.

Last workout….

Does running through Budapest to catch a train count as a workout? If so, that would be yesterday evening. After my friend Hannah and I had miraculously boarded the train and were wandering through the carriages trying to find seats, a man moving through the carriage in the opposite direction remarked ‘What happened to you?!’ Running in winter layers is not ideal.

Last thing you pinned….

Nothing, I gave up on Pinterest not long after I started. It was a really boring waste of my time, and given that there are so many things I could be doing that are either an interesting waste of my time or just, you know, productive, I deleted it and never looked back.

Last place you visited….

Budapest! I would quite like to go back and just hang out at the Szechenyi baths forevermore.

Last show you watched…

Last night I watched Fresh Meat, and I’m just getting ready to watch Misfits. I’m all about young British comedy at the moment, apparently.

Last thing you baked….

I don’t even remember. I’ve been oven-less for 3 months. Maybe it was this cake? Otherwise, it may have just been a Sunday afternoon batch of scones for my cheese scone obsessed father. I’m quite looking forward to baking something. What should I bake when I regain the use of an oven? What’s new in the world of baking?

Last item on your to-do list today…

‘Serbia-EU questions’. The to-do list is my hand, and that is scrawled across the back of it. That’s how classy and organised I am.

4 thoughts on “Last Chance

    • I drink so much tea lately! I started off drinking loads of coffee but the other week I accidentally had about 6 cups and felt sick as a dog, so now I’m trying to replace it all with tea. (The concept of not having a hot drink is alien to me, haha.)

  1. I’m with you on Pinterest. I only tend to go on there now if I want a particular inspiration for a craft!

    Mmm salted peanuts, I haven’t had any in so long. They remind me when I was little and my dad used to eat them loads.

    Looking forward to reading future posts! ;)

    • Well I can definitely see how it’s a useful website if you wanted some craft inspiration. But overall I just think it’s all weird. I never go on it, but I do sometimes read and just to keep up with all the crazy.
      Aww, I love when food brings back childhood memories. It’s especially nice when you don’t know that you associate a particular food with a memory until you eat it and it all comes flooding back :)
      Thanks! Bizarrely I’ve become a bit of a perfectionist over these two particular posts and am unwilling to post them until they’re just right- whenever that may be. I think because I feel like I’ve not posted anything proper in so long I don’t want my first real post to be crap, haha.

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