Bratislava, in pictures

Bryndove halusky: Slovak dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon




Slovak garlic soup with cheese, in a bread bowl






I haven’t gone as picture crazy as usual, probably due to the fact that I’m living here rather than just sightseeing and doing touristy things. This is all set to change this weekend though as I plan to do some serious exploring of the city centre – perhaps while nursing a Starobrno induced hangover – and having a mosey around the area where I live, which is actually a suburb. (I don’t feel it wise to broadcast my exact whereabouts on here!) There is a wine festival on Sunday which is beyond exciting to me. Language training is good, though not particularly intensive as a lot of people here speak English, and all the work placements are in English. Still, I don’t want to be the ignorant Brit abroad refusing to speak a word of Slovak for the next few months, so I’m trying to make the effort to speak as much Slovak as possible, even if all I can manage is “Nerozumiem Slovenský!” accompanied by a rabbit-in-the-headlights expression. Slovak pronunciation has proved to be as much of a stumbling block as I had expected – I find it near enough impossible to make some of sounds required to pronounce certain words correctly.

All in all I’m having a lovely time. I hope everyone is enjoying the guest posts! Please email me if you’d like to write one for me:


4 thoughts on “Bratislava, in pictures

  1. Yeah, so ‘wine festival’ is the best pairing of words ever. I hope you’ve had an excellent wine-y day. Good luck with the language training, from my days as a Central and East European Studies student I remember that Slovakian looked absolutely batshit.

    • I got my dates muddled, the wine festival is actually next Sunday. The day before I start work. That might be interesting. Today I’ve just been roaming the streets in the 33 degree heat (!!!). Language is getting a bit easier, I will never be fluent, especially not from a mere 2 weeks training and 3 months in the country.

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