Good Things 010

Good Thing #1: A few weeks ago I got a copy of The Borrower by Rebecca Makkai from Waterstones, and yesterday I received a free copy of Down the Rabbit Hole by Juan Pablo Villalobos from And Other Stories. (I will point out that I was sent these books after entering competitions. People don’t just send me free things all the time. More’s the pity.)

Good Thing #2: I kept spotting these weird wooden saint bracelets in shops but every time I considered buying one, I thought ‘it costs about six quid and looks like charity shop junk, no way’. In the end I found one not even at a charity shop, but at my friend’s house when I was helping her pack up some stuff to move house. So she gave it to me for free.

1-outfit090812 001

Good Thing #3: My flights to Bratislava are booked for the 1st September. Due to awkward timing and train fare fiascos I will be arriving at the airport a mere 6 hours and 40 minutes before the time of the flight. This, however, may actually be a good thing because I don’t mind sitting, reading, snacking, napping and people watching for a few hours. In what other situation do you get to sit and do nothing except leisurely read for that many hours? Even on a day off, I’d feel guilty for sitting for six hours straight without doing anything productive (whatever that means). So bring it on.

Good Thing #4: Speaking of which, I am so excited to work a 40 hour week and then get weekends off. Weekends off are almost unheard of at the moment. Even though I currently work less than 30 hours at my waitressing job, I’m actually looking forward to working more hours and then getting the weekends off. Two days with which to do whatever I please! This is so awesome I won’t even mind that I’m not getting paid.

Good Thing #5: I’m not so much of an Olympics type of person. I’ve never been very sporty or interested in sport. All I remember of Olympics coverage as a child was wondering why I couldn’t watch anything else. (This was back in the days when there were only five channels, and we often only had four because Channel 5 didn’t work very well.) But I’ve felt that I ought to pay a bit more attention this year, what with it being in my country and all, and I have to say that it’s fantastic how well Team GB are doing (and, more importantly, how well Team Yorkshire are doing). I’m glad that although in August last year, we were being represented by rioters who burned down their own cities, this year we are being represented by dedicated and inspirational athletes.

Good Thing #6: Last but (hopefully) not least, I would like some guest posts from you clever, witty, gorgeous people. I expect that I’m going to be pretty busy this month and the next, and blogging is unfortunately one of the first things I forget about when I’m clashed. However I would like to keep this little blog ticking over, and this feels like the perfect time to give other people the opportunity to take over. Comment, tweet me or email me ( if you’re interested!

8 thoughts on “Good Things 010

  1. I love this! I’ve often said I am the most unlucky person in the world and struggle to look on the bright side so maybe I should start doing a good things list…. just for my own sanity! :)

  2. #1: I don’t get any free stuff and I’m ok with that. It’s cool that you do though
    #2: I have never seen these bracelets before but they remind me of those destiny/charm beads that were all the rage in 1999/2000. Remember those?
    #3: 6 hours will fly by, I once spent 23 hours in Doha airport, that was HELL. I am also indescribably jealous of you job in Bratislava!
    #4: Weekends are precious and all too short, guard them with your life.
    #5: The Olympics are making me feel guilty for skiving PE at school and never taking an interest in sport. Not enough to actually watch the Olympics though.
    #6: I would happily write a post for you, although it might contain any of the following in any combination: swears, sarcasm, illustrations, Star Trek references, David Tennant, feminism, occasional wit.

    Great post btw, it’s always good to have good things.

    • 1. I never seem to win anything other than books. I enter competitions to win things like cash prizes and cars and holidays and exciting things, but all I ever win is books. Which is pretty awesome. But I have an elderly relative who wins almost every competition she ever enters. If I had her luck, I would be awash with posh cars and 5* holidays.
      2. I’m not sure I remember them. All I think of when I hear charm beads is bloody Pandora, as I know far too many people who have Pandora bracelets and think they are the best thing ever. (I do not understand them.)
      3. Oh hell I know that six hours is not very long at all, but it’s a testament to how bad I am at planning and timing. I’ve yet to experience one of these dreaded delays that people talk about – possibly because I’ve yet to travel outside of Europe – and for that I am very thankful.
      4. I’m so excited to have a weekend. For the past year or so they just haven’t existed for me, as I usually work more hours over the weekend than I do during the week.
      5. Yeah, same here. I am not sporty (I really wanted to say ‘I am not sportistic’, though I doubt that’s a word) and I do feel like a bit of a failure when the world is banging on about athleticism in all its glory and how athletes are the best role models evaarrrr etc etc.
      6. I would love for you to write me a guest post! All the things you list are more than welcome here.

  3. Six hours with nothing to do but read sounds heavenly, although having to sit on an airport chair the entire time negates it the tiniest amount. Maybe you won’t be able to concentrate on reading because of the butterflies in your stomach for the AWESOME EUROPEAN ADVENTURE you’ll be flying off to.

    Wooooo, so jealous.

  4. That bracelet is perfection. I was once offered a Protestant version (all the panels had a bloody Jesus dying on the cross), and I refused at the time. Now, I kick myself because it would have made an amazing fashion accessory. Though it’s probably highly sacreligious to use any religious jewelry as a fashion statement…oh well.

    I’d enjoy getting some guest blog postings done…having a regular commitment would probably help me be more diligent about my own posts. If it’s OK, I’d prefer to have you pick out a topic/theme (it IS your blog, after all) and then put my own spin on it.

    • Yeah, I’m not entirely sure how appropriate it is for me to wear that bracelet just because I think it looks cool. I can only hope I’m not offending anyone!

      Oh, wonderful. Initially I’d just like one post from each person but depending on how hectic my workload and social life is, I might need to arrange some more. I’d love a post about writing, if that topic sounds good to you? About your experiences of freelance writing, dreams of being a novelist… something along those lines? Feel free to drop me an email with any other ideas you might have!

  5. Yeah free jewelry! And I have a rough draft of my post for you typed up, will try and get it finished this week. (And yes, weekends ARE amazing…) So excited for you and your travel/adventures!

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