Instagram Shots I Will Never Understand

I’ve posted before about how much I love Instagram, and also about the general ridiculousity of it. Lately I have seen some of the most bizarre things being Instagrammed and consequently blogged.

The menu of the restaurant you’re eating at

Now what’s that in aid of? If you’re going to do ‘food porn’, at least do it properly! A tinted photo of a menu that is too out of focus to be read- that is not an interesting photograph. You’re only allowed a menu picture if there’s something hilariously misspelled on there. Minus points if the menu is actually obscured or illegible due to the filter and angle.


A Starbucks cup

A non-descript Starbucks cup. With nothing else in the shot. No hint at what’s inside. Not even one of those ‘look they got my name wrong’ shots- now they are quite amusing. Just a picture of a takeout coffee cup with a fancy filter put over it. Who needs to see this? We’ve all seen a Starbucks cup before. You’re wasting everyone’s time.


An aeroplane window

We get it, you’re going on holiday, or you’re travelling, or you’re flying somewhere flash for work. That’s very nice for you. The fact is, clouds look like clouds, and we can’t tell what country you’re flying over or into.


Are you guilty of taking any of these ridiculous Instagram shots? Which shots do you always roll your eyes at?

Give me a shout if any of these Instagram shots are yours & you want me to remove from the post. No hard feelings!

9 thoughts on “Instagram Shots I Will Never Understand

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  2. I’ve done the menu shot but only if it’s a cool menu and it’s about the look rather than the words. I’m probably guilty of everything though, because I take pictures of everything. I got my iPhone in May and I already have 1,300 photos on it. Many Instagram. :)

  3. The one thing I’m noticing lately is all the photos of feet and close up photos of toes, ew! One of the blogs I follow has a new header and she’s included a toe photo eek

    • Yeah, that’s a thing that people do. If I’m honest I don’t like looking at pictures of other people’s pets, but if I had a pet of my own I’m sure I would spend almost all my time photographing it and sharing those photos with the world.

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