Summer Salad

If you don’t live in the UK – or you’re lucky enough to live in a part of the UK that’s been having nice weather recently – you might not know that our Great British Summer has been all but non-existent. This is what the weather’s been doing lately in my lovely part of England: sun! It’s sunny and everyone’s happy. People plan barbeques and other frivolous sunny outdoor things. Suddenly the clouds appear. Soon the rains come. These rains range from averagely annoying to creating floods of Biblical proportions.

So today it’s been nice and summery and warm and I wanted something nice and summery and warm to eat. I also wanted something meatless, because after cooking a steak and kidney pie at work I did not fancy eating much meat. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the steak and kidney, but there’s nothing like dealing with mass amounts of raw meat to make you fancy something a bit more on the vegetarian side.)

In steps this warm, summery salad creation full of tasty things like courgettes and halloumi and quinoa. Ideally I would have liked to eat it outside while bathing in the sun, but a) I ate it while sorting out my wardrobe and b) I am so terrified of the impending showers that I don’t really want to go outside.


Maybe it’s not the most attractive dish in the world. But it’s easy and delicious and good for you. So there.

Cook the quinoa. (Don’t listen to the suggested serving size on the packet, they don’t know you.) Chop up some celery and courgettes – or any other combination of vegetables that you want in your salad. Chop some halloumi into cubes. Drain the cooked quinoa and set aside. Fry the halloumi and vegetables in the oil of your choice (I used about a teaspoon of rapeseed oil). Add the quinoa and stir everything together in the pan for a few seconds. Arrange some fancy salad leaves in a bowl or on a plate, then spoon your quinoa and vegetable mixture over the top. (I only ended up using about two thirds of the mixture and put the rest in the fridge to eat tomorrow.) I added some cooked beetroot on top but only because we have some in the fridge that needed eating.

I’ve got to say that it was pretty delicious. I love the nutty flavour and odd texture of quinoa, and there’s something about warm stuff on salad leaves that’s really nice.

(In vaguely relevant health-related news, I am currently on day 4 of the 30 Day Shred and have not yet keeled over. Which is fantastic. I attempted it about 6 months ago and by the time I got to day 5 I ached all over and could not force myself to switch on the dvd and gave up. So it’s awesome to know that I’ve got fitter since then, and awesome that hopefully I will be even fitter by the end of the month.)

What’s the weather like for you?

6 thoughts on “Summer Salad

  1. So that’s who stole all the rain from the Midwest US! Just joking, but seriously, today is the nicest it has been in about a month and a half…and it’s 92. I actually went outside today!

    This salad looks really delicious! I love quinoa to bits. I even find a recipe on pinterest for cheesy quinoa. It looks like a great substitute for mac n’ cheese.


    • Well after I made this post the weather has perked up considerably! The weather was sunny all day today :) Hooray for going outside!

      Cheesy quinoa sounds like it could be pretty tasty

  2. I have been in love with quinoa lately! I definitely go through phases with it, but I agree that it’s slight flavor texture are great, and can be incorporated into so many different types of dishes.

    • Now surely you realise that I am not the type of lady who eats scary health food and does scary work out programmes?

      Quinoa is actually really tasty in my opinion, and is also easy to cook, sort-of-cheap (when I first bought a bag of quinoa from the supermarket I was like wtf this is the most expensive thing ever but you don’t need much to make a meal so I think it works out quite cheap), and youknowgoodforyouandwhatever. But to be honest I first read about it like four years ago and only started eating it occasionally this year. And I definitely don’t think it HAS to be part of people’s normal diets, like some scary health foodies do. Though I did get my totally non health freak friend eating it and she fed it to her family and they all liked it.

      As for the 30 Day Shred- from experience I know that if I don’t exercise regularly, I do not lose any weight no matter what I eat. I currently have zero motivation to do any big gym sessions, and am too scared to do any outdoor exercise, so a 20 minute dvd workout is alright by me. It’s hard but it will be worth it at the end of the month when I look like Jessica Ennis (because that’s going to happen…)

      Summary of this ridiculously long comment: blah blah blah I’m not really a health freak. I just ate some crisps, a cheese string and had half a pint of porter ale and now I’m lazing in bed like a beached whale :)

      • 20 minutes doesn’t sound too bad, actually. I try to cycle for about 20 minutes a day, and I push myself until my legs feel like they’re going to drop off, so it can’t be worse than that, can it? Also, two weeks of Olympic joy have made me feel pathetic.

        Jessica Ennis and Victoria Pendleton must live on stuff like quinoa? WE CAN DO THIS.

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