August Goals

Here’s how my goals went in July:

1) Stop wasting all my spare time on SongPop on Facebook

I didn’t even have to wean myself off it, I just got bored eventually. Not to say that I haven’t stopped wasting time. I will never stop wasting time.

2) Make an exercise plan for each week and try my best to stick to it

I’m getting a lot better at this.

3) Sell five things on eBay

I currently have seven items of clothing for sale on eBay, including some snazzy things from H&M, ASOS and others. (How sly of me to stick that in here mere hours before the auctions end. How very sly.) (link fixed!)

Not bad, not bad. Onwards to my goals for the coming month!

1) Pack

This is self explanatory. And non optional. But it needs doing, and it needs doing with some modicum of sense. Which is not something I often possess while throwing things into a suitcase. The first step will be not starting the night before I go away. I’m not quite sure what the second step will be.

2) Lose seven pounds

I kind of hate myself when I say things like this – do I sound like Regina George? – and I’m aware that it’s a bit inappropriate to discuss weight so lackadaisically on here so my apologies if this makes you feel uncomfortable. I’m a bit podgy and out of shape at the moment and I’d like to be less podgy and more in shape. I’m eating healthy food, doing a wee bit of calorie counting (I know, I know) and upping the exercise. I shall try not to moan and bang on and act like anyone else ought to care about what I’m eating or how much I weigh, but there may be blog posts about exercise and food – only fun stuff though, I promise! (I would ideally like to lose a stone but baby steps, people.)

3) Socialise

Sad, isn’t it, that I have to make being sociable a goal for the month? Well I do. Being sociable is bloody hard when a great deal of my friends live quite far away, I don’t have very much money, I work quite a lot, and I never get weekends off. I feel that I am becoming a recluse and a hermit and I would like to rectify this.

One of my goals for July was not to get swanky new spectacles, but I got some anyway. Here’s a picture of them so you can share in their loveliness. They’re blue and orange and while I’m not forced to grin like an idiot, as per this photograph, every time I wear them, sometimes I do. (Please note that the small snatch of purple shirted man you can see behind me is my optician, as I took this picture in the mirror while stood in the opticians. He saw what I was doing and did a double take and laughed at me. Awkward situations are awesome.)


What are your plans/goals for August? Did you do everything you wanted to in July?

10 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. I desperately need to tone up to, I just feel so blah at the moment and I think it is starting to show in my outfit posts :( Good jobs on your goals though! :D

    Maria xxx

    • For what it’s worth, I think you look lovely in the pictures on your blog :) Though I appreciate that if you feel blah in yourself then it doesn’t really make a difference what other people think.

  2. I love the new glasses! I waaant new ones, but I don’t neeeed new ones–I’d just love the update they give a whole face/wardrobe/attitude. And ugh, socialize needs to be on my to-do list as well. It’s hard when you’re busy with work/life! Any few minutes of free time just seem to disappear, or I just want to use them to relax/collapse on the sofa for a bit.

    • Thaaanks :) I was quite cheeky in getting my new ones- they’re technically an ‘early birthday present’ from my parents. Haha! I’m not sure I would have been able to justify buying a new pair myself. I do love them though, they really do change your whole attitude and make all your clothes look different and everything.

      How pathetic do we sound complaining about how hard it is to be sociable? Haha! That’s another good point, sometimes sleep/relaxation just has to take priority over everything else :D

      • I know, right? I feel so lame saying, “there’s no time.” I mean, the rest of the world manages it, and I can’t imagine I’m just sooooo much busier than everyone else, haha.

        My insurance loops this fall, so I may have to buy a new pair then…won’t be free, but I can totally justify it when I’m at least getting a little money off. It’s time! My current ones are purple, and I love them, but I’m so tired of purple…

  3. Hahahaha I LOVE the Regina George reference. Since you referenced her it’s totally OK to talk about weight. “I want to lose 3 pounds.” Why do I love that movie so much …

    And yes, awesome specs! Getting new glasses is very exciting. I’ve had mine for two years, but I’m still in love with them! Sounds like I’m talking about a relationship or something.

    • I feel that the only way to talk candidly about wanting to lose piffling amounts of weight is to make fun of myself :)

      I have to say I’ve admired your glasses when you’ve posted pictures of yourself on your blog! They suit you a lot, I can see why you’re in love with them.

  4. I love reading goal posts, I haven’t really got any this month as I’m working for most of August but it’s fun reading yours :-)

    I’m with you on the weight loss, I’ve gained a fair amount of weight over the past year with my health plummeting for the first half of my 1st year so I’d like to lose about 10 pounds… Healthy eating and regular exercise is the key really, I’m sure we can both do it!

    Haha I can’t really imagine you as a recluse, you seem such a sociable person. Money is a bit of an issue with socialising though, plus I can appreciate that working lots leaves you too tired to do much. When I’m working full shifts all week all I want to do in the evening is curl up with a book or a film!

    Good luck with the goals!

    • ‘Healthy eating and exercise is the key really’ – exactly! I don’t like to say that I’m dieting or trying to lose weight, when all I’m really trying to do is be more active and stop eating so much crap. I’m on day 3 of the 30 Day Shred and I think my fitness has definitely improved since the last time I attempted it, as I remember that by day 3 I was very sore and ready to pack it in, whereas this time I feel pretty good :D
      Ha, thanks! I’m not unsociable as such, I just go through stages where I don’t seem to see anybody except my family and people at work. Curling up with a book is the best. If I didn’t enjoy reading so much I would probably have loads more free time to be honest, lol!

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