The Perfect Travelling Outfit

When people talk about being comfortable during a flight, I’m sure that they’re talking about long haul flights. Or at least any flight over 5 hours. Me, I find flying such a generally uncomfortable experience – especially on the budget airlines that cheapskates like myself tend to patronise – that I’m currently trying to figure out what to wear for optimum comfort on a flight that lasts all of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Having been on far fewer plane journeys than perhaps an average 21 year old has, I still find the idea of air travel quite thrilling and novel, but even the idea that I’ll actually be flying, like through the air (this is my general thought process aboard a plane) doesn’t stop me from feeling highly uncomfortable. I’m 5’11”, for crying out loud, and it’s unlikely that Ryanair will ever provide me with enough leg room. (And yes, I have in fact realised what a con Ryanair is and half-heartedly vowed to avoid using them, but they were the only flights I could get direct to Bratislava.) Everything I’ve worn to travel in so far has proved to be annoying and uncomfortable in one way or another: jeans that are too tight, leggings that have shoddy elastic in the waistband, a dress which rode up revealing my backside to the entire cabin when I stood up to get something from my bag.

Basically I need to look smart – if I could travel in my pyjamas, I most certainly would – but also want to be able to sit happily and comfortably on trains and planes, breathe, possibly eat, and attempt to relax.


This isn’t the exact same outfit I’ll be wearing but that’s the general concept. (What do you mean, a Kindle isn’t part of an outfit? Be quiet.) I think the best way round the ‘jeans are uncomfortable, leggings are uncomfortable, short dresses flash my arse’ conundrum would be to wear a maxi dress. Flat shoes are a definite, as I’m likely to stand in queues at the airport, and if I wear my winter boots then I won’t have to worry about fitting them in my suitcase. I wear big pashmina scarves quite often anyway, but I think they’re essential on planes as they will double as a blanket in case I want to have a little sleep – and I must admit I’ve simply wrapped it round my face before when the sight of screaming children running wild has got a bit too much for me. Last but not least, I will be sure to wear glasses and not contact lenses, as my eyes get very dry and itchy. I got new glasses and they’re a bit like the ones in the picture – geeky plastic frames and everything.

What’s your go-to plane outfit?

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Travelling Outfit

  1. Hehe I’m the same way when I fly (which isn’t that often, so it’s thrilling when I do). Everything’s dry and itchy and cramped. Ugh I’m usually a mess. But I’ve found that if I wear flats, that I can slip out of easily during security, old-ish jeans, and a loose button down shirt, I’m generally pretty comfortable.

    Not exactly the height of fashion, but I doubt I’ll be meeting anyone on the plane I care to speak to again :P

    • Ha, that’s the thing with this time, I will be meeting people at both airports who I *will* be seeing again, possibly for the next 3 months. Flats are a good idea when going through security though… maybe I will wear ballet flats and stick my boots in my handbag then change into my boots before I get on the plane? Hmmm.

  2. Comfort for me is #1. I went on my first plane when I was 6 months old and I average about 2 – 4 flights per year ever since. I’m way over trying to look good (or even decent) at the airport, especially since I take a lot of 16 hour flights.

    Anyway, I wear no makeup, my black pajamas (including no bra), a big comfy sweatshirt, a pair of Converse sneakers and as you already mentioned, a scarf that doubles as a blanket. I look like a slob but I’m probably the most comfortable and relaxed slob on the plane!

    • As I am possibly the least well travelled person I know, I’ve yet to take one of these dreaded long flights. When that day comes I will probably just have to wear pyjamas and take a sleeping pill as soon as I get on the plane, haha.

      To be honest though, the only thing forcing me to look presentable for this 2ish hour flight is the fact that I’m meeting people both at the airport in England and again at the airport in Slovakia.

  3. Okay, I have done way too much plane riding in my life, and I can’t believe I never struck on that BRILLIANT scarf idea! I’m always cold on a plane, and that’s the perfect solution to going from 90+ degrees outside to chilly recycled air.

    But as for complete comfort on a plane? Ugh. I’m 5’4″, and there’s still no way to make your legs comfortable. I have a looong plane ride to Cali coming up soon, I’m going to have to dress right for that one. Scarf included!

    • I wear scarves a lot of the time anyway but they’re a plane essential – or for car journeys, train journeys etc. Also very useful when it rains unexpectedly!

      Ugh, I suppose my height has nothing to do with it really, planes are just uncomfortable! Very glad my flight to Bratislava is only ~2hrs. And as much as I am excited to travel to many different places in my lifetime a little part of me dreads the day when I have to take a long haul flight.

  4. A long dress is a perfect idea, I tend to wear my heaviest clothes otherwise my suitcase is too heavy, haha! Good luck!

    Maria xxx

    • Yeah I think I’m going to have to wear all my heavy clothes, especially as I somehow need to cram 3 months worth of clothes into my suitcase and am a notorious overpacker.

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