Blogs that are better than mine

I appear to have fallen out of step with this whole ‘writing blog posts’ business. I promise to produce some actual content soon – I say this as though you are all waiting around with bated breath – but until then, here’s a little round up of some of my favourite blogs and what they’ve been writing.

So there’s your weekend reading. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Blogs that are better than mine

  1. I will be perusing these tomorrow! (Well, the ones I don’t already read, anyway.) Bated breath is such an odd phrase. I’m resisting the urge to search etymonline for bated. It just makes me think of smelly mouth breathers. Anyway. Having major lolz that my four year old pictures of Paris are listed here; I literally just wanted an excuse to go LOOK AT TEH PARIS, BLOG READER(S).

    I’d never considered Doc Martens before Maria posted them this week, but lo and behold, I was googling last night to see if I could fit a pair into my wardrobe. Then again, I didn’t consider Clarks before she wrote about them, really. Even though Clarks red shoes are such a pleasing shade of red.


  2. Ooh new blogs to read! Ooh thanks for the link! ;) I love reading posts about people’s holiday, normally I’ve just been in England so I live vicariously through them…

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