Blueberry Sour Cream Cake

Just a tip, for anyone who may be a worse baker than I am: if a recipe calls for ‘soft butter’, make sure your butter is actually soft. Don’t just take it straight out of the fridge and hope for the best. If you do what I did, you will spend a very long time trying to get rid of the lumps of butter in your mixture. So just plan ahead and let your butter soften. (This is more of a note to myself than anyone else.)


The recipe comes from the oracle that is BBC Good Food – but of course. I didn’t follow it to the letter –but of course. We never have sour cream in the house but we always have half fat creme fraiche so I decided to use that instead. I also decided against making the cream cheese icing because I just didn’t think it was necessary.


Someone told me that if you’re baking with blueberries, you should dust them with flour before adding them to the mixture, and then they’re less likely to sink to the bottom of the cake and/or explode. I tried this and a lot of them still sunk to the bottom, but it made the blueberries look all pretty and dusty.


I have to admit that I thought this cake was going to be an absolute disaster. I gave it 50 minutes in the oven, and it wasn’t set. So I gave it around another 30 minutes and then took it out and scowled at it and walked away and left it for 30 minutes. Then I returned to it and discovered that it tasted amazing.


My main issue with most cake is that it has a tendency to be very dry. This cake is more like a pudding in texture and I think that if I were to make it again, I might serve it warm from the oven with cream or ice cream. It didn’t last long enough for any such experimentation this time, especially once Rich arrived and ate around half of it to himself. (I will take that as a compliment, thank you very much.)


I think I might make this recipe again because I really liked it, and as far as I’m aware so did everyone else I fed it to. I can imagine turning up to some kind of potluck (even though we don’t really have those in England) with this cake. If I were making it for someone’s birthday cake, I might pull out the big guns and make the cheesecake icing. Now who’s got a birthday coming up and would like some delicious cake?


12 thoughts on “Blueberry Sour Cream Cake

  1. Um, yes, I will be making this cake. I think icing is sometimes gilding the lily – if I’m having mid-afternoon cake and tea, then I just want something cakey and sometimes fruity. I don’t also want vomitous amounts of sugar, too. It looks so delicious! I tried dusting my chocolate chips in a cake a few weeks ago to stop them sinking, but they didn’t work. Clearly what I should have done is use blueberries instead. Yum.

    • It is imperative that you make this cake. Essential to your well being and the continuation of the human race. And all that.
      Yeah I get exactly what you mean, I wanted this to be a ‘enjoy with a cuppa and a good book’ kind of cake rather than something fantastically indulgent. However if you do make it and ice it then let me know if it’s fantastically wonderful! Or if you make it and don’t ice it. Because trust me, it’s going to be amazingly wonderful.

  2. I do like reading your adventures in baking posts, please continue with the adventuring! Blueberries in any kind of baked good is always a favourite with me, this looks so tasty. I think your idea of serving it warm with ice cream sounds particularly good :-)

    • I’m going to make the most of baking on a whim over the next month as I don’t think I’ll have much chance while I’m away, what with being busy and potentially not having a kitchen at my immediate disposal (don’t know what my accomm is going to be like yet). I rarely bake anything with fruit but this was really good.

  3. I don’t have a birthday any time soon, but I’d still take a free cake ;D I’ve tried the flour-dusting trick too, and I didn’t notice a difference either. Maybe it’s just a kitchen-related urban myth. But any baked goods with blueberries are amazing, regardless of whether they’re all at the bottom or not.

    • I think it may be an urban myth :( Thankfully there were so many blueberries in this cake that they didn’t all sink. And I saved a few and popped them on top about two thirds of the way through the baking time so that it looked nice :)

  4. I don’t have a birthday coming up, but I would love delicious cake! That definitely does look delicious, and I LOVE blueberries.
    I too have made the mistake of using cold butter instead of softened butter in a recipe, and you are correct. It takes forever to mix. I have also tried putting my cold butter in the microwave to speed things along, and that ended up turning out equally as disastrous :)

    • That seems to be the general consensus here – birthday or no birthday, cake is always good!
      I did consider microwaving it but envisaged that it could go terribly wrong. Waiting around for butter to soften just seems like so much effort, though, haha.

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