My Good News

This is ‘the big reveal’… I try not to be that annoying person who blogs about their life but then acts all secretive and only ever tells half a story. If I wanted to keep something to myself, I just wouldn’t blog about it at all. However, I didn’t want to blab about this until I knew for certain. Today I had a Skype interview, which went well, and then promptly got an email.

My good news is that in September, I will be going to Bratislava, Slovakia for three months to live and work. I will be an intern for a major Slovak NGO. I’m yet to be given a job title other than ‘intern’, but I’ve been told that my duties will include: research, proofreading and editing, administration, event planning, accompanying guests, writing press releases and articles, among other things.


I was offered this opportunity through European Training Services/The Leonardo Da Vinci Programme, who are a fantastic organisation (as are GetOn, their Slovak partners, and Pontis Foundation, the organisation I will be working for) so if anybody reading this would like any information on them let me know!

The short version of this post is: ‘yay for me!’ I promise to post some actual content very soon. For now, though, I’m going to eat some celebratory tacos and then go to work in order to earn extra pennies for Slovak beer and weekend trips to Vienna and Budapest.


8 thoughts on “My Good News

  1. Oh wow this sounds so so exciting! I’m so pleased for you that you have this amazing opportunity Emily, I bet it will be a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to hear all about it :)

    Congratulations again!!

  2. Ugh! You know what I did? I changed my WordPress email and as a result I stopped getting all my usual blog updates. Me being daft, I just assumed no one was posting anything. Ugh, so dumb, but it’s basically why I’ve been a no show around your neck of the woods.

    Anyway, congratulations on your internship!!! It’s so exciting. I hope you’ll have time to blog when you’re over there. It will be a wonderful experience in sure. Are you scared? I’m a bit scared for you. It’s a big deal to live and work overseas, but I have no doubt that the fun and new friendships will squash all your nerves the minute you get there.

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