July Goals

Here’s how my goals for June went:

1) Ace my interview on the 16th. All signs are pointing to yes but I’m going to carry on being annoyingly cryptic for the time being.

1a) Plan the perfect interview outfit. I did not accomplish this. I looked presentable and all, but my dress was so uncomfortable and I didn’t even realise until I was wandering around on the day. I can only hope that the interviewers didn’t notice this as I waddled my ungainly way over to them.

2) Finish paying off my loan from the bank of M&D. All paid. Now my wages every week come straight to meeee! And the taxman. And my bar tab.

3) Apply for two writing competitions. I actually haven’t, but I have started two stories which I hope to submit to competitions that end next month.

4) Bake a vegan dessert. I still haven’t managed this! I absolutely completely will. I’m considering these chocolate chip blondies or something similar.

So, on with the goals for the coming month.

1) Stop wasting all my spare time on Song Pop

This may involve making a list of all the things I could be doing with my time that are more productive than playing on Song Pop and keeping it with me at all times.

2) Make an exercise plan for each week and try my best to stick to it, a la Sophie

This week’s schedule is 30 minutes of yoga on Monday, 30 minutes of Davina dvd on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, 30 Day Shred on Thursday, 30 minutes of strength training on Friday, and then rest on both Saturday and Sunday unless I feel particularly motivated. I know some people exercise every day and that suits them fine, but it doesn’t really suit me.

3) Sell 5 more things on eBay

I’m really enjoying this whole ‘selling my life on eBay’ business. I’ve sold some things for lots of money and some things for not very much, but they’ve all earned me more than they were doing just sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe.










Did you do everything you planned to do in June? What are you planning for July?

4 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. I can’t wait to hear about this vague and unnamed job :) And ughh, I made that recipe once and found it kinda awful, but I really don’t like bean-based baked goods, so it may have just been me.

    • Oh no, was it really bad? I’m just so intrigued at the idea of using beans in baked goods. The people I’ve asked about it seem to fall into two camps – the ‘it doesn’t taste like beans at all and it’s fantastic!’ camp and the ‘it tastes like BEANS, what is this?’ camp.

      • It didn’t taste like beans necessarily, it just tasted bad and had a weird texture. I even tried more than one recipe, thinking I was missing something. You’re definitely right, it seems to be a hate it or love it sort of thing.

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