Bake All The Things!

This day, the 9th June 2012, shall henceforth be known as Bake All The Things Saturday. Colloquially known as Eat All The Things Saturday.

I don’t really know what happened. There were some overripe bananas and my dad talked me into making banana bread. Then I made cheese scones because he has a cheese scone addiction. Then my sister made Smarties cookies. Then… I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s chewy granola bars.

chocolate covered katie quaker style chewy granola bars

Then my friend Becci just ‘popped in’ for a coffee. She’s a wily one, she must have sensed all the freshly baked goodness somehow.

Let’s start with the banana bread. I am someone who hated bananas for a very long time. Something about the texture made me feel physically ill. I’m not sure when I started eating them again but I’ve never looked back. However, it’s still pretty easy to buy far more bananas than one person or even one family can consume before they inevitably turn. That’s part of the beauty of them… even when they’re no longer good to eat, they’re still good to make smoothies or bread out of. This loaf has been sprinkled with a liberal amount of cinnamon so it is extra good.

smarties cookies

The cereal bars turned out alright. The reason they were just alright is probably because, as usual, I did not follow the recipe. I had big plans of making the oat flour that the recipe called for, but I forgot. I also forgot to add any sugar. What I did remember was to throw in a load of almonds, dried cranberries and white chocolate chunks. Dried cranberries are about the only dried fruit I enjoy, and shop-bought cereal bars are often full of raisins which I despise.

chewy granola bars

The cheese scones are good. The cheese scones are always good. The Be-Ro baking book is idiot proof. I don’t know why I don’t make them in lovely rounds like everyone else does. These small lumps of scone may not be very photogenic but they seem to be the perfect size.

cheese scones

The cookies are fantastic, and they were made to Harriet’s secret recipe which I can’t share with you for obvious reasons. (No, not because I would have to kill you, but rather because you would be compelled to make them every day and then die of a sugar overdose.)

smarties cookies

I’m still no closer to finding a signature dish, unfortunately, but now I have lots of delicious things to eat over the next few minutes hours days, and to share with sneaky friends that turn up at just the right moment.

3 thoughts on “Bake All The Things!

  1. Everything looks so good! I need to do some baking next weekend – my boyfriend’s mum is coming over. He is going to make some yummy sandwiches of some sort and I thought I’d make a cake. However, those cheese scones look mighty tempting. I did envision baking something sweet, hence the yet-to-be-made cake, but perhaps scones are the way to go. Tell me, what do you have them with, or are they simply good on there own?

    • They’re amazing on their own, but they go with all sorts of things. Plain butter, cream cheese, Marmite. If you’re feeling quite decadent melt some cheese on top of them to eat them. They’re also lovely in place of bread on the side of a soup or stew. Would you like me to copy out the recipe and send it to you?

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