Currently #3

Here’s what I was reading, listening to, watching, eating and admiring in March.

Reading Last night I finished It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet by James Herriot. It was an easy enjoyable read but not something I would necessarily recommend to anyone, and I won’t be rushing to read another Herriot. Then I closed my eyes and pointed at my bookshelf and came up with The Medici Secret by Michael White. I’ve also been spending too much of my time going square-eyed reading Wikipedia pages trying to teach myself about all the things in the world ever. I had a strange existential crisis and thought about all the things I knew nothing about and so my current mission is to teach myself everything. (This mission may fail.)

Listening to I’m not even ashamed to say that I have been blasting Euphoria by Loreen very often. Yes, that’s the Eurovision winning song. It’s amazing. I also adore Paloma Faith’s new tune.

Watching Against all odds, I have been watching – and enjoying – Cardinal Burns.

Eating Lots of salads. Yes, I’m feeling alright, and before you ask ‘Who are you and what did you do with the real Emily?’, hang in there for a moment. I’ve been buying the bagged salad that tastes really good but costs about a million pounds, and then putting fun things on it like halloumi and chorizo. Also, I made a pizza a while ago that was freaking delicious, and I threw together some red onion and cucumber pickle to go with it.


Admiring Smart jackets on eBay that I could wear to my interview. I eventually settled on this bad boy in light grey, which should hopefully be smart and businessy enough to slightly mitigate the brazenness of wearing a bright yellow dress. (I don’t really shop in eBay stores very often so I hope it’s not terrible quality.) Now I’m looking for shoes. HELP ME OUT PLS.

Shameless self promotion I just wrote my first review at the wonderful website Judging Covers. I have read and admired this website for a long time and so I’m really pleased that I have the chance to write for them too. Take a look at my review of The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey here.

9 thoughts on “Currently #3

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who trawls Wikipedia to learn ALL THE THINGS. If you have an iPhone get the app called ‘articles’, it is wiki for your phone so it is slightly more intuitive (or smart because after all it is a smart phone) than using safari. I end up looking up the weirdest things on there. One night I couldn’t sleep and found a list of absurd ways people have died and let me tell you there were some crackers! One guy died after he tried to club to death a cassuary (SP?) when the bird lashed out and pecked his thigh severing his carotid artery so he bled to death. Sorry to be morbid, but that’s what you get when you decide to club a bird to death.

    • I don’t have a smart phone at the moment but when I eventually join modern society and get one that will be exactly the kind of thing I want on it! My Wikipedia history at the moment is disturbing and hilarious – it ranges from the Royal Family to weird American regional foods, Italian desserts to the Northern Irish Troubles, then from metafiction to the Jewish Quarter in Prague.

      I read a list of unusual death causes on Wiki once, it might have been the same one. It was fascinating! I wrote some of them down in my notebook and I’m considering writing some short stories based on a few of them. People who club birds to death get what they deserve, it would seem!

      • Well when you get a smart phone get that app, that way you can wiki on the go – also I think it is free. That list of unusual deaths was amazing, some were hilarious, some were horrible. I noted a few down myself – we are on the same train of thought.

        Another thing I love to do is google any malady if have. This can be dangerous for obvious reasons, but I am more facinated by the human body. I work in the emergency services and sometimes people have things that I have just never heard of, so I always like to find out whats up. Yahoo answers has some kooks on it too.

    • I’d be happy with grey, or some other kind of neutral colour. I don’t like black with the yellow – think it looks too brash and bumblebeeish – so something like grey, nude, beige, tan. It’s such a good book! You should definitely read it :)

  2. I want to learn everything too, let me know how the mission goes. I’m lucky that I have a boyfriend who knows everything and is always right so I can learn a lot from him ;). (That’s only half mocking, he is actually ridiculously smart!)

    Love the jacket, I’m sure you’ll look incredibly savvy! I’m off to read your review now :)

    • I’m sure this will be an ongoing mission but if I do happen to learn everything there is to know, I’ll share it all with you! Haha.

      Thanks. The jacket was too small around the shoulders so I’ll have to send it back, but I popped to Tesco today and bought an equally nice one which was only £22 so I could probably have saved myself all that bother lol.

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