June Goals

Here’s how my goals for May went-

1. Write creatively every day. I did not do this. To be honest, I didn’t really attempt to either. I did enter two short stories into competitions, though – one with a money prize, and one with a publication prize. So that’s something.

2. Read 3 books. The week when I wanted to get a lot of reading done was the week when all I ended up getting done was working, drinking Blue Moon, and occasionally sleeping. I finished Never Let Me Go one sunny afternoon, and then attempted to read a variety of other books but you’ll never guess which one I eventually got into – It Shouldn’t Happen To A Vet by James Herriot. I may as well embrace my roots, people, as I’m living in Herriot Country!

3. Get some business cards. This was so much harder than I thought it would be. The process went like this: chicken out of buying v. expensive cards, chicken out of buying cheap and nasty cards, debate whether to put blog on card, have a little personal crisis about whether this blog is silly and stupid and I’ll never be taken seriously ever, decide that blog is ok to go on card as it displays passion and creativity (or something), decide to make blog a .com, take forever getting round to this, buy a .com*, despair at the selection and pricing of business cards to be found on the interwebs, eventually settle on a rather pretty design from VistaPrint, eventually order them, then stupidly select the ‘slow’ delivery option meaning that the cards will not be mine in time for when I want them. Every day is a battle when you’re me, it would seem.

4. Sort out my unwanted clothes. I sold some crap on eBay! I made a fairly decent chunk of money and managed not to tear my hair out over posting & packaging the bloody things.

5. Bake something extravagant. Nope. I made some wholemeal pizza, which I topped with home made pesto. Does that count? Probably not. I started getting excited over the idea of making healthy vegan desserts, so I stocked up on sweet potatoes, cashews and chickpeas, but then I got busy and the weather got beastly hot and the idea of turning the oven on was no longer tempting.

Overall, not bad at all. Here are my goals for June-

1. Ace my interview on the 16th. I’m trying to keep it semi-secret (meaning I’ve told a load of people but I’m not telling everyone or posting on Facebook about it) so I won’t write on here exactly what the interview is for. But it’s good. So I’m going to have to be good.

1a. Plan the perfect interview outfit. The kind people of Twitter have informed me that a yellow dress is acceptable for an interview so that might be the basis of the outfit.

2. Finish paying off my loan from the bank of Mum & Dad. I took a loan out of the great parental bank to buy a new laptop a few months ago and I’m two payments off now.

3. Apply for two writing competitions. I forgot how fun and exciting it is to apply for competitions!

4. Bake a vegan dessert. I’m not going vegan but I’m determined to make a tasty pudding that doesn’t contain any animal products. I don’t know why. Any ideas for a good? I’m quite interested in using chickpeas to make brownies, and I have a sack of cashews at my disposal. (Whatever I make, I may or may not cover it in cream, ice-cream or something equally unvegan. Sorry I’m not sorry.)

I can’t think of a fifth one. What do you think my fifth goal for June should be? What are yours?

* In case you missed this, I am now a .com and I feel like a total badass!

10 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. Yay for being a .com! It’s definitely badass :)
    I really like how you make goals for each month. That’s a really great idea and something I need to start doing.

    I’ve been wanting to read Never Let Me Go. Is it any good?

    • I don’t do it every month – just when I remember – but it’s nice to have little goals in mind during the month!

      I thought it was really good! It takes longer than it should to really get going but it’s worth it, I think.

  2. Congrats on the .com! And on being as delightfully wishy washy as me when it comes to buying things. I fill online shopping carts, empty online shopping carts, refill them again and then just decide that never mind I didn’t want it anyway all the time. And then it turns out that I DID really need those items. Life is a challenge, isn’t it? :D

    And homemade pizza crust? Totally extravagant, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Woo congratulations on taking the plunge, it looks snazzy doesn’t it? I felt all professional when I made the change! I like your goals, especially the writing competitions and the vegan baking :) Good luck with the interview, I hope it all goes well!

    • I’ve been toying with the idea for so long but you inspired me – or I stole the idea from you, however you want to look at it. Putting it on a business card was definitely what swung it for me, I felt so silly putting ‘.wordpress.com’ on a card. Thank you for your well wishes on the interview, keep your fingers crossed for me ;)

  4. I went through the exact same thing as #3. I just got my biz cards from Vista as well. I paid like £5 I think, because I wanted the nicer design. I was also disappointed by the 3 week wait time. But I am SO happy with them. I think I’m gonna post a picture of them on my blog soon because I love them! I had the same thoughts though … like, maybe my blog is too stupid and silly for a business card :( but in the end I decided whatever, it’s better to have a card then to have people ask me what the URL is and then have to write it down on a crappy napkin. You’ll have to post a pic of your design!

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