Capsule Wardrobe

It just occurred to me – I’ve accidentally curated a capsule wardrobe. I was never really sure how this capsule wardrobe malarkey worked, and couldn’t imagine rotating a few of the same items without getting incredibly bored and wearing the same outfit over and over again.

Well, what I’ve been doing lately is wearing the same outfit all the time, with a few small changes, and not getting too bored. This is a capsule wardrobe that has come into being because of laziness and a lack of creativity.

If you want to force yourself into whittling down your clothes and figuring out which are the essentials, imagine having to pack a very small bag with only 15 minutes notice. You’re going away for about a week, so you’ll need a few different outfits. What would you pack? Here’s what I would pack.


I found a plain white woollen jumper in an Oxfam shop. When I parted with a fiver for it, I never dreamed quite how much wear I’d get out of it. It goes with everything and it’s easy to throw on top of an outfit for an extra layer.


These green jeans adorn my limbs numerous times a week. I’ve just bought an indigo blue pair which I feel will be just as ubiquitous in my daily wear.


I don’t know where this jacket came from. I know I didn’t buy it from a shop. I have a feeling that I just discovered it in the house. I don’t know whose it was before it was mine. But now it’s mine and I wear it with everything. (I really mean everything.)


Everyone needs a decent selection of tshirts, vests, cardigans, leggings, tights and so on. I’m of the opinion that there is no need to spend extortionate amounts of money, and I recommend H&M, Dorothy Perkins, and Primark – in that order. I do not recommend Topshop.


I’m not the kind of person who can wear a jumper and jeans and call that an outfit. I’m insanely jealous of the people that can. Some women throw on some well fitting jeans and a plain tshirt and they look drop dead gorgeous. I do not. I need some accessorising. Scarves and jewellery galore!

One thing I haven’t got right yet is the footwear. Shoes are always an afterthought, and they’re usually scuffed and stained and inappropriate for the weather. Show me your capsule wardrobe/tell me about it!

4 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe

  1. You make this look so easy! I definitely don’t have a capsule wardrobe–unless you count only owning two pairs of jeans as one. I’d love to have a good set of rotatable basics–my closet just needs a good overhaul in general, though, but I really have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to fashion.

    • Given that I stumbled upon this capsule wardrobe completely by accident, I am not qualified to give advice on having one, haha. I think the basic premise is to have some flattering pieces, and then add a few exciting things into the mix. I generally think the concept is a load of hogwash though, as it’s another way of saying ‘you have too many clothes’ or ‘you don’t have enough clothes’ and any time there’s something on tv about it, it seems to be encouraging people to buy jeans that cost about £400 or a plain black jumper that costs about £200 and I definitely do not agree with that.

    • Ha, I also own only two pairs of jeans. Well, I did. I recently acquired a mint green pair, but I wouldn’t put them in my capsule wardrobe as I only wear them a couple times a month. I’d bring tons of tiny little shirts though!

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