May Goals

It’s been May for five days already and I’m only just getting round to making some goals for the month. Because that’s just how organised I am.

  1. Write ~creatively~ every day. I got an amazing notebook for Christmas from my sister, and the intention was to create great works of fiction inside said notebook. So far I’ve filled about three pages, proving just how useless I can be. I have drafted up a list of all the writing competitions I would like to enter so I guess that in order to enter them, I will have to write things. My goal is to write 2 short stories every week. (They don’t have to be any good, of course, they just have to exist.)
  2. Read 3 books. Reading may not be something I have to work very hard at, but it’s nice to set myself little goals just so I can bask in a completely undeserved sense of achievement every now and again.
  3. Get some business cards. Earlier on this week I made an attempt at real-life networking, and failed miserably. Rather than declaring that networking sucks and I never want to do it again (which is exactly like something I would do) I’ve decided to get some swanky business cards so that next time I can thrust them under people’s noses. I’m making this a goal for the month because I’m likely to procrastinate until I find the card that strikes the right balance of professional and pretty and doesn’t cost the earth.
  4. Sort out my unwanted clothes. Am I going to keep saying I’ll get round to this until the year 2050, when clothes are old-fashioned and we’ve all started wearing polymer bodysuits? No. I am not. I’m going to get donating, throwing out and selling this bloody month. Who wants some pretty miniskirts and high heels, things that a woman of 5’11” should know better than to keep buying?
  5. Bake something extravagant. The mission to find my signature dish is still on. This month I want to bake something a little trickier than scones, cake and cookies. I probably won’t bother faffing around with profiteroles or anything like that, but I just want to tackle something a little more taxing. Any ideas?


Here you can see photographic evidence of all the procrastinating. One of my May goals should be ‘stop procrastinating’, but that has been a life goal for at least 6 years so it’s not likely that this month will be the one.

What are you goals for May?

13 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. I love these goals, they’re just the sort of thing that will be on next month’s goal list once I’m free from exams and coursework! Particularly the creative writing and the extravagant baking. I long to write another short story, I miss the creativity and the escapism of it. I have my eye on a triple layered caramel cake from my Primrose Bakery cookbook…

  2. You know, I am totally going to copy your list. All of these things need doing. As for the baking, I’m going to attempt macaroons. For Xmas I got a cook book by this famous Australian pastry chef. He is famous for doing wild things and his cook book reflects that. We must check in on April 1st to see how we went. If nothing else though the clothes MUST be sorted!

    • Ooh, macaroons would be amazing. Yes we should definitely check on each other! Part of the reason I never seem to keep the goals I set for myself is because there’s nobody to hold me accountable for any of it. You can be the lucky person who gets that job, and vice versa, haha.

  3. You have completely inspired me!!

    I always make new years resolutions and forget them about a month into the year.. so this is perfect! Why not have goals for each month?! Haha I’m actually a little bit excited to write them up..

    One thing I do want to accomplish like you: clean out my wardrobe!! My clothes barely fit, and I swear half of them I could only ever wear again if I was going to a bad taste party!

    I stumbled across your blog from GOMI by the way. It’s a very sweet site! :)

  4. You have completely inspired me!!

    I always make new years resolutions only to forget about them about a month into the year.. so this is perfect! Why not have a list of monthly goals above my desk, ready to tick off before the next month? Ha, I’m actually a little bit excited.. thanks for the motivation!

    One thing I do want to do the same as you: clean my wardrobe! Everything doesn’t fit, and I swear half the clothes I own would only ever be suitable to wear again for a bad taste party!

    Your blog is very sweet by the way, I like! I stumbled across your page from GOMI (:

    • Awesome, I’m glad I’ve inspired you! Ooh a list stuck on the wall sounds like a great idea, I never thought of that.

  5. Great goals! I would love to write everyday–I used to at least do a brief journal entry–but it’s just something I can’t seem to stick with. The reading, though? That I can handle :D

    • I love the idea of keeping a journal, but the reality of it is never quite as good. I only want to write a journal entry if I am particularly happy or particularly sad. Reading every day is always a good goal :)

  6. I just got business cards as well! I’m super excited for them. I hope they look as good as they did online! I’ll be thrilled the first time I have the opportunity to hand one out. Hi, here’s my biz card! Can’t wait.

    • I haven’t got mine yet but I love the idea of being able to hand a business card to someone! I can pretend I’m all professional and grown up :) Did you get yours online?

      • Yep. I looked into getting free ones, but I hated all the templates. They’re still really cheap though. I think I paid less than £10. I’ll probably post about it when they come , good or bad!

  7. I’ve had to do a lot of networking and it is not enjoyable. My advise it fake it, til you make it! Pretend that you’re enjoying it and it comes naturally and you will oooze confidence!

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