What Emily Wore Next

New Look trousers, Dorothy Perkins vest, vintage cardiganF&F jumper, H&M dressVintage denim shirt, vintage scarf, New Look trousers, TK Maxx flats, vintage bag

One of the reasons that I am not a fashion blogger – and trust me, there are many – is that I tend to wear the same things over and over and over again. I think I dress pretty well*, but I generally find clothes that I love and then wear them until they fall apart or I get sick of the sight of them. I have been wearing this denim shirt almost constantly since I bought it a couple of months ago. When I put it in the wash, I get separation anxiety. I think I’m getting similarly attached to these yellow trousers. So if I were to post pictures of my outfits every day, that would get pretty boring eventually.

‘Yes, here’s the same outfit I wore two days ago, with different shoes and a different scarf.’ ‘Today my denim shirt is in the wash so I feel bereft and have swaddled myself in blankets instead.’ ‘Look, here I am with the yellow trousers again.’

Then there’s the fact that some days I barely get changed out of my pyjamas. Nobody needs to see a picture of that.

* While this is up for debate, I don’t actually care if you don’t think I dress well.

4 thoughts on “What Emily Wore Next

    • Thanks, it’s a cheapo from Tesco a few years ago! I don’t wear it much because it’s a bit short to wear with normal jeans or skirts but it’s perfect over a dress or with something high-waisted :)

  1. I’m the exact same way. The other thing I feel that I can’t do is wear really impractical clothing for practical days. Some of the “weekend wear” I see online is staggering. Who wears high heels to run errands?

    • I am pretty much incapable of wearing heels even for special occasions so it baffles me to see women running errands in stilettos! Though I do know a girl who had something wrong with the arches in her feet and genuinely found it more comfortable to wear high heels than flat shoes… maybe they all have this problem? Haha.

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