Five Things Friday

Five places you want to visit

  • Croatia
  • Kenya
  • America
  • Germany
  • New Zealand


Five of your favourite foods

  • Spaghetti carbonara
  • Courgettes fried with garlic and lemon juice
  • Poached eggs
  • Kiwi
  • Tiramisu


Five things in your bag

  • 3 diaries – don’t ask me how or why I have 3 diaries in one bag
  • A pair of clock shaped earrings
  • A necklace shaped like a little purse, with a Czech coin inside it
  • Contact lenses
  • Wallet

Five things you do every day

  • Drink coffee
  • Rearrange something in my bedroom – this is an affliction, I actually do this every single day
  • Read the news – in an attempt to keep on top of current affairs and allow me to join in grown up conversations, and this sometimes involves googling the idiot’s guide to various political policies
  • Read a book
  • Write a to-do list of some description – yesterday it was a list of short story competitions that I’m planning to enter, today it will be a life budget of sorts

Five things you’re wearing right now

  • Mustard yellow trousers – for the second day in a row, no shame
  • Navy ribbed vest
  • Men’s denim shirt – from the men’s section of the charity shop, not stolen from a specific man
  • Green patterned vintage scarf – I say vintage, you say old – let’s call the whole thing off
  • Fancy new brogue type shoes from Tesco tip for getting free shoes: throw them in the trolley while your mother is shopping, and hope she never asks for the money back. This might also work with strangers in the supermarket. Try it and let me know how you get on

What are your five things this Friday?

10 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. This was a really fun post! I’d love to go to Croatia one day. They filmed the seens in Kings Landing in Game of Thrones there, and it’s just gorgeous! Also, I slip things into my mom’s trolley (or what we call the cart) when she’s not looking and hope she won’t ask for money too. :)

  2. I like this! Might have to steal it. And as a warning, unless you plan to move or spend a few months, “America” is probably going to have to be narrowed down to one city/maybe state. It’s a pretty big place around here. And I’m with you on reading and list-making on a daily basis–two soothing/calming things I just always enjoy doing!

    • Yay steal it! Well obviously I dream of doing a road trip across America… but that will probably never happen unless I become a millionaire who never has to work. I’m pretty clueless about American geography but I definitely want to visit NYC haha.

  3. Having been to New Zealand I can highly recommend it, such a beautiful country. I’m hoping to go to Croatia this year, it’s starting to get more and moe popular so I’d like to see it before the tourists take over.

    • If I had a lot more money at my disposal NZ would be top of my upcoming holidays! Unfortunately the bank balance may not allow anything further afield than UK & Europe. Ooh, I hope you have a lovely time in Croatia when you go :)

  4. New Zealand is a bit of a dream for me too, I think it would be an amazing experience. Closer to home I would absolutely love to go back to Paris again and to visit Rome! I’m the same, I write at least one to-do list at some point each day because I’m obsessive like that. I might steal this sometime too ;)

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