Signature Style

I don’t really have a signature style. My dress sense is all over the place. I can’t decide if I’m girly or tomboyish or elegant or punky. That, I suppose, is the beauty of being able to wear what you want: you can be any or all or none of these things, depending on how you feel that day.

Despite this lack of a particular style, if you know me well I could probably send you into a clothes shop and you would be able to find something I’ll like. To do this there are 3 things you would need to keep a lookout for.


Stripes. Any colour combination will suffice, but I have a real affinity for blue and white. Navy and cream are also acceptable. I don’t know what it is that I find so aesthetically pleasing about striped clothes. They’re meant to be very slimming and flattering, and while this is not the reason I wear them, it helps.


Yellow. It’s ridiculous how often I wear yellow. I have three yellow handbags and a yellow car. My graduation dress was yellow. I’m wearing mustard yellow trousers right now. I still haven’t decided if it actually suits me yet, but it’s not as though that would stop me.


Polka dots. Alright, so one of the shirts in that photo doesn’t actually have dots, as they’re actually squares. Still, it’s the same concept. I find the look of polka dotted clothes so fun and charming, especially on big skirts that fly out when you twirl around.

How would you describe your signature style? Do you think you have one?

9 thoughts on “Signature Style

  1. Beat-up jeans and a v-neck tee. If that’s a fashion style. Because it’s what I wear all the time–except at work. At work I wear nicer dark jeans and a v-neck sweater. I like to shake things up ;D

  2. I’m awful with styles; one day I’m completely clad in black, the next day I’m all vintage, then friday I pull out my floral dress and cute button clips…I’m so inconsistent I’m bordering on having some form of Bi-Polar-Fashion-Disorder. I can’t really afford to buy a whole wardrobe, so I just graze at Second Hand Stores and find things I like, and whilst I’ve gotten some gorgeous little trinkets, I have a completely disordered style. And your stripes and dots are adorable! I’d love them :) x

    • Ah Lexie, I think I have bipolar fashion disorder too! It’s great to be able to dress completely differently every day of the week if the mood takes you.

  3. Most of the things I own are polka dot which, combined with a baby face, doesn’t really do anything on the sophisticated young graduate scale. In my head I wear much more grown up stuff… I’d say at the moment dresses are my style – if I wear trousers my flatmates ask me why I’m not wearing a dress. A navy and cream stripy top has been on my wish list for a very long time now, though.

    On a slightly related note: because I have long brunette hair, people always ask me if I wish I looked like Kate Middleton. Why?

    • See I always like to think that polka dots actually look really sophisticated and grown up in a retro way, but the sad truth probably is that they look a little on the ‘cute’ side. Meh. Dresses are usually my style too, though I seem to be stuck in a jeans and trousers rut recently. Finding the perfect stripy top is surprisingly hard!

      That’s so strange! Mind you I think it’s strange that as young women we’re meant to idolise and aspire to Kate Middleton’s style – a woman who is not really allowed to express herself through fashion because she is, of course, the Duchess of Cambridge. She looks fantastic but how do I know that she wouldn’t rather be wearing leather trousers and a lip stud? Or vintage hippie maxi dresses and flower headbands? I’m more interested in people whose style is completely their own, rather than the Royal Family’s.

      (That turned into a bizarre little rant, I do apologise!)

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