GIVEAWAY: The Road by Cormac McCarthy (World Book Night UK) CLOSED


This morning I got my box of 24 copies of The Road by Cormac McCarthy. I have chosen to give away five copies to you lucky people!

The Road Cormac McCarthy World Book Night UK giveaway

If you’ve never heard of this book, here’s some blurb about it, plucked directly from the World Book Night website:

A father and his young son walk alone through burned America, heading slowly for the coast. Nothing moves in the ravaged landscape save the ash on the wind. They have nothing but a pistol to defend themselves against the men who stalk the road, the clothes they are wearing, a cart of scavenged food – and each other.
‘McCarthy conjures from this pitiless flight the miracle of unswerving humanity. Gripping beyond belief’ Chris Cleave, Sunday Telegraph
‘One of the most shocking and harrowing but ultimately redemptive books I have read. It is an intensely intimate story. It is also a warning’ Kirsty Wark, Observer Books of the Year
‘A work of such terrible beauty that you will struggle to look away. It will knock the breath from your lungs’ Tom Gatti, The Times
‘You will read on, absolutely convinced, thrilled, mesmerized. All the modern novel can do is done here’ Alan Warner, Guardian
‘A masterpiece that will soon be considered a classic’ Herald
‘McCarthy shows that he is one of the greatest American writers alive’ Times Literary Supplement

While it may not be a feel-good beach read, it is a truly fantastic book that you absolutely need to read. Now here is how to win a copy!

  1. This giveaway is only open to UK residents. However, after you’re finished with it, please send it on to whoever you wish, wherever they might be in the world! Each book has a tracking number and it will be amazing to see how far the books travel.
  2. Tell me why you want to win this book. I won’t judge you on this, it’s just nice to have a discussion!
  3. Leave at least one way for me to contact you – preferably email or Twitter.
  4. It would be nice if you followed my blog (although you may still enter if you do not).

I will pick the five winners at random on Wednesday, April 25th. Please check back!

18 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: The Road by Cormac McCarthy (World Book Night UK) CLOSED

  1. Oooh new books! I keep putting off watching the film until I’ve read the book but I never see it in second hand bookshops. I would love a crisp new copy. I so wanted to take part in World Book Night but I had no idea where in the UK I’d be living – next year!
    Claire (@c_addison on twitter)

    • That’s a good point actually, I never see it in charity shops. People must love it so much that they want to keep it. These are lovely shiny new copies.

  2. I would love to win a copy – I’ve never read it before. I can’t wait to spend this summer devouring books, not worrying about writing essays or finishing them in a certain time frame (I’m just about to finish my English degree so haven’t read just for pleasure in what seems like forever) Also, I never win at competitions!
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog for a while but have never commented. I also follow you on twitter. I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy. :)

  3. Oh man, wish I was in the UK! I LOVE Cormac McCarthy and everything by him. He’s up there in my all-time favorites authors, probably only beat by Margaret Atwood.

    • He is an amazing author :) Sorry love, to save my own finances I had to make it UK only, for fear that I would end up sending each copy to some far flung corner of the globe and having to spend money I do not have.

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  5. I’ve seen the film, but I’d love to have another opportunity to say “The book’s better”. I’m devouring literature at the moment and one more is only going to add to the fun!

    John (@johnmeddick)

  6. I have never read anything by Cormac McCarthy, and I had never really felt the inclination to ether (not for any particular reason). Not so long ago I read a speculation of what Twilight would have been like if it had been written by him. Needless to say, Twilight would be greatly improved by anything from being rewritten by a honey badger with ADHD to simply killing it with fire. But the rewriting in the style of McCarthy amused me and made me want to find out why the writer felt he would write Twilight in such a way.
    So maybe my actual reason is because I want him to write Twilight.

    Jess (@darwins_cat)

  7. McCarthy is an author that I have heard a fair amount of praise about, but have never read anything by. And it would be mainly for this reason that I would like to win a copy of ‘The Road’. I need to educate myself with the writing on McCarthy, and this seems as good a place as any to start.

    Twitter: @LouBell

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  9. Hi Emily. I’ve only just found your blog, but I’ll be checking back regularly. I’d love to win a copy of ‘The Road’ – it’s one of those books I always mean to read, and then never get round to…

  10. Hi Emily, This sounds great. I hear that there is also an audio version of this book out. I am interested to hear what it sounds like. There is a review of the book coming up on The Book Report Radio show at They play extracts from the audio books, so it will be interesting listening.

  11. Hello!

    I would love to win a copy of this book – I’ve never read any of his work before, but just from reading the blurb on this post I think I’d probably enjoy it, and my friend is always getting on at me to read it, just haven’t got round to it yet! And free books in general are a Good Thing.

    I love the idea of World Book Night, especially the fact that you get to track the books :)

    My twitter is @hannahainsworth :D

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