Beetroot Brownies

For a while I’ve been hearing whispers through the grapevine of using vegetables in baked goods to make them lower in fat and more nutritious. I have to keep telling myself that using beetroot in brownies is no more peculiar than a carrot cake, or the sweet courgette bread I made last time.

Beetroot in brownies is not weird. Beetroot in brownies is not weird. Beetroot in brownies is not weird.

If I repeat it to myself enough times, I’ll start to believe it. If anyone is going to love a brownie with vegetables in it, to be perfectly honest, it will be me. I’m quite open minded about food and I’m happy to try most things once. (As my friend Holly knows all too well, as she was horrified the other day at me suggesting that if it was offered to me, I would try headcheese.) I’m also more than happy to find new ways to eat vegetables.

Healthy beetroot brownies

Funnily enough, the idea to make beetroot brownies did not come from a desire to ‘healthify’ chocolate brownies. I’m such a baking novice that I’m still mastering the old-fashioned full-fat recipes, let alone trying to experiment with different ingredients and so on. Today’s beetroot brownies were borne from the same concept as most of the food I make: to use something up. The beetroots that have been lingering in the fridge for more time than I care to admit* were starting to irritate me. Measures had to be taken.

Beetroot brownies BBC Good Food

Would anyone be surprised if I said I used the recipe from BBC Good Food? Probably not. I used pre-packed cooked beetroot, which is fine, but I had to carefully check there was no vinegar. I don’t think the world is ready for that flavour combination just yet. Also bear in mind, if you use beetroot that’s already cooked, that the butter and chocolate will not melt like they are supposed to, and you may have to microwave it for 30 seconds or so to save your food processor from taking off into outer space. (I learnt this the hard way.) Another thing I learnt is that as you mix the sugar and egg mixture into the warm beetroot chocolate and butter mixture, you will ponder how utterly disgusting it looks and if the recipe itself was all a cruel joke.

Beetroot brownies

It will all come good in the end. Trust me. Mine came out a little bit more cake-like than your average brownie but I still think they’re pretty delicious. There’s a subtle earthy beetroot flavour in there, but it’s not overpowering.

beetroot brownies healthy brownies

* Don’t worry, they weren’t rotten. I’m not that disgusting, or that determined not to waste food.

Have you ever baked with vegetables?

Would you be intrigued or terrified if someone offered you a beetroot brownie?

12 thoughts on “Beetroot Brownies

  1. I would be EXCITED for a beetroot brownie. I have made zucchini brownies many times, and loved them. I can only imagine how great these are!

  2. I’d be terrified–but only because I tried making some last summer and they were awful, haha. Okay, so they were beet-and-chocolate muffins/cupcakes, but same theory. And something went terribly, terribly wrong. They had choco chips in them, and I ended up just picking out the chips and throwing the rest away, haha. But yours look so pretty! So maybe I’d be brave and give ’em another go. As long as I wasn’t the one who cooked them, since I know the results of that ;D

    • Oh that’s a shame, I hate when something goes wrong for no apparent reason. My sister and I once made a baked Snickers cheesecake, and I genuinely thought it was going to be the most decadent/sickening/delicious thing in the entire world, and something just did not work and the entire cake was a mangled mess. So depressing :(

      • Something snickers-themed came out not that great? That IS a disappointment. Oh well–just opens the door for more cooking adventures, since I tend to make the same thing over and over again if I like it.

      • Well if I’m honest despite the fact that the cheesecake collapsed and looked like it had been hit by a bus, that did not stop it tasting pretty good… after all, it was made from Snickers.

  3. Ugh. I had to wiki ‘head cheese’. Head cheese is not cheese! Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

    I have heard of beet root brownies. Never made them myself. Like you, I’m also a baking novice. I did once make vegan brownies which turned out very cake like. Although they were edible, I wouldn’t bother with them again. I like the comparison to carrot cake or zucchini bread. Makes putting beets in chocolate not seem as crazy.

    • You’re right, it’s not cheese at all, ha. It does sound particularly grim but if I was visiting somewhere where it was a local speciality, I would probably try it.

      I had to keep telling myself ‘this is just like carrot cake’ before I took my first bite. It made it a lot less disconcerting.

    • They’re definitely worth a shot if you ever fancy trying something new! Or when packs of beetroot are on offer at the supermarket :) Yeah I think I enjoy them quite cakey, I’m never really sure what texture a brownie is meant to be anyway.

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