Things I Want To Take Pictures Of But Can’t

I have a fully working camera back in my possession. What I do not have to hand right now is anything to charge said camera with. In the week or so that the camera was in the shop, the charger has fallen off the face of the earth. (A more likely story is that I’ve put it somewhere ‘for safekeeping’ and promptly forgot where that place is.) I considered ordering a new one from eBay but realised that I don’t know if I need a cable or the little machine that the battery goes inside?

Ah, technology. Here is a list of things that I would have been taking pretentious snaps of and posting to the blog, if I were to have a charged camera.

~ The snow! Wensleydale sure is pretty (and cold) when it snows.

~ My grandma brought me an Easter present and stuck on the wrapping paper is the most adorable little Easter chickie ever. I genuinely want to befriend it and keep it forever. It’s yellow and fluffy, and it’s wearing a teeny tiny little bonnet with a flower on it.

~ My gorgeous hardback copy of The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey. (Great book, also.)

~ The mozzarella-stuffed burgers that Rich and I made last weekend. Handmade burgers stuffed with melty mozzarella, in crusty rolls, served with courgettes pan fried in garlic and lemon, and oven roasted sweet potato fries.

~ My outfits. I’m very colourful as of late. Today it’s a mustard yellow dress, peacock blue tights, bright pink flats and a cream cardi. Related: I have parrot earrings. They’re pretty intense.

~ A first attempt at cooking quinoa. I really like it. Like the moron I am, I followed the packet instructions, which yielded enough for 5 people. Nobody else in my family wants to eat it, so I’m just having to eat it for almost every meal until it’s gone. I just finished a big bowl of it stir-fried with chickpeas and butternut squash, with liberal amounts of smoky chipotle sauce and soy sauce.

When I eventually find a way to charge this camera of mine, expect pictures of all the things.

Oh and by the way, I am a World Book Night giver this year! In ten days time I will be getting 20 copies of The Road by Cormac Mccarthy to give away as I see fit. I’ll probably give away a few copies through the blog, though I don’t think I’ll post internationally for two reasons – 1) it’s quite expensive and 2) I know that the US has its own World Book Night so there’s not much point in me sending books from the UK. But lucky for you, UK readers, you may get a free book. I don’t know whether it’s a good idea to include them in a giveaway, or just send them to the first people who ask – any ideas?

One thought on “Things I Want To Take Pictures Of But Can’t

  1. I love your World Book Night idea, it’s so nice to have that opportunity. I love The Road, it’s such a gripping read! A giveaway could be fun, I’ve already got my own copy unfortunately.

    Your outfits sound uplifting, I need more colour in my life, perhaps it would get me out of the ‘funk’ I’m currently in…

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