How sick, on a scale of 1-10, are you of hearing and reading the words ‘Spring has sprung’? I’m pretty bleedin’ tired of it, though I now understand that coming up with a snappy title for a spring-related post or email is not easy and not fun.

From a materialistic fashiony perspective, the onset of spring does not fill me with quite the joy that is rippling through fashion blogs. I’ve mentioned before how I feel most comfortable and stylish when I’m wrapped up in cardigans, boots and scarves. Most likely with a woolly hat atop my head and obnoxiously bright pink leather gloves on my hands.

The thought of taking off the oversized stripy jumper that has seen me through many a chilly day and many a hangover is utterly terrifying to me right now. Yet the weather outside the window is definitely taking a turn for the sunnier and brighter. I’m not a total killjoy: spring is beautiful, warm weather is glorious, and clothes that aren’t made of wool are very dashing indeed. I just need a little time to get my head around this whole ‘not wearing five layers at once’ thing. To help me get into the swing of things, I have rejigged my wardrobe and drawers so that the dresses, shorts and sheer blouses are within easy reach, and the winter standbys are packed away. I also turned to Polyvore for a bit of inspiration.


8 thoughts on “Springtime.

  1. I love spring and although I haven’t used that phrase I have been going on about it a bit on the blog, sorry ;)

    Seriously though, I really do love it, it’s so good to see a) some nice sunny weather and b) the flowers (yes I get excited about blossom etc.)

    And clothes like those are the sort of thing that get me equally excited! Absolutely love those three dresses, I’ve been looking for something like that yellow one, so pretty.

  2. I love the warmth, the sunshine and everything that comes with it. I’ve be waiting for the day when I can shed the layers – to be truthful, I did that months ago and have been powering through the odd frosty morning.

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