Cookies, courgettes and cheese

Please rest assured that the aforementioned cookies, courgettes and cheese are not involved in the same dish.

In my possibly never-ending quest to perfect one signature dish and strike a line of victory through one of my self-set 30 before 30 challenges, I have been baking quite often as of late. I’ve got pretty good at cheese scones, tried my hand at oatmeal biscuits, dreamt up some heavenly white chocolate, cranberry and almond cookies, and dabbled in a loaf of courgette bread.

The verdict: The cheese scones, while very good, might not cut it as a signature dish just yet. Oatmeal biscuits are pleasant enough but it’s unlikely that I’ll bother making them again. White chocolate, cranberry and almond cookies are divine. Courgette bread is a source of confusion but very enjoyable served with a cup of tea and a good book. (That said, most things can be improved by the addition of hot beverages and literature.)

white chocolate, cranberry and almond cookies

I must confess that these cookies pictured aren’t actually the ones I personally baked. The first batch went down so well (read: was demolished within a day) that my sister baked some more the next day.

courgette bread - zucchini bread

tea, cake and a book

  • If you invited someone to a party and they said they’d bring something they had baked, what would you hope it was?
  • If someone invited you to a party and asked you to take something you had baked, what would you take?

10 thoughts on “Cookies, courgettes and cheese

  1. I love baking too, but am yet to discover my signature dish. I make pretty good lemon drizzle cake but then my boyfriend made one better than mine and I went into a mood like a stroppy mare.

    As for your questions, the answer to everything is cheesecake…perhaps even the meaning of life!

    • Oh that must have been so annoying! I think I would have gone in a strop as well. Make him swear to never make his again :P

      Cheesecake is a good shout! Also something that can be easily knocked together the night before. (Except if it’s baked cheesecake… now that is something I just cannot figure out.)

  2. I was about to say ‘yeah, white chocolate, cranberry, and almond cookies! no milk chocolate, so I can eat them before the end of lent!’ but obviously white chocolate is also chocolate. Now I feel stupid and wonder why I’ve typed it out for all of your readers to see :(

    • You can pretend it’s not! For the sake of deliciousness. Or bake them to celebrate the end of lent?

      (When you say all my readers, you are aware that means you and approximately three other people? Haha. Don’t feel embarrassed. They must not mind stupid comments as they read mine!)

  3. Mmm those cookies do sound lovely! I think I made white choc & cranberry cookies one Christmas, but no almond in them. Love the sound of the courgette bread, I’d happily try that! :L) x

  4. Can I have a plate of the cookies please? I think the combination of cranberries, almond and white chocolate sounds so good, I love all three of those things and together in cookie can only be summed up by: mmmmmm!

    I want to have a signature baked good two, or several. I make a lovely apple cake that I often take to people’s houses but it’s too easy to make to be a signature bake. I love oatmeal and raisin cookies and I want to learn to make profiteroles and cinnamon swirls because they are Tom’s favourites. I’ll get back to you on that…

    Also, everything can be improved by good literature!

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