Ugly Clothes

After reading Lizzy’s ‘bad blogger’ post the other day I got to thinking about which blogger stereotypes I embody and which I oppose. I agree with her post entirely – what is it about macarons, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Starbucks and ombre hair that gets everyone so hot under the collar? It will be a cold day in hell when you see me tottering down the street on my Litas with two-tone hair, a mocha latte skinny frappucino in my hand, nibbling a macaron.

There are a few blogger stereotypes that I can identify with, though. One of them is having a penchant for ugly clothes. You know when you see someone’s outfit post and despite the fact that their frock is devastatingly hideous, they look fantastic in it. I like those kind of ugly clothes. Bonus points for calling it vintage when the description ‘second hand’ might be more apt.

Ugly clothes

Now that – that is just ugly. Amusing, but altogether unwearable and unpleasant.

Ugly vintage clothes blogger stereotypes

Ugly vintage clothes

These are the kind of ugly clothes I’m talking about. Garish prints and unflattering shapes. Something your gran might try to borrow from you. My eye is naturally drawn to anything with a pattern, the louder the better. I’m imagining teaming the shirt with purple denim shorts and some obnoxious oversized earrings. The skirt is destined to be worn in warm weather, high on the waist, paired with a plain vest, a denim jacket and gladiator sandals.

Shirt, Age UK, £2.49 / Skirt, Sue Ryder Care, £3.50

  • Can you identify with any blogger stereotypes? Which ones leave you baffled?
  • What are your feelings on ‘ugly clothes’?

* Intentional two-tone hair, that is. I quite often sport very impressive regrowth because I am just too much of a cheapskate to pay to get my hair dyed as often as is necessary. I’m not sure if mousy brown and unnatural red are very popular ombre colours.

(I wish I could blame my broken camera for these awful pictures, though I feel like I can only really blame myself because I’m too lazy to take it in to the shop to be fixed. One day I might include these clothes in outfit posts – not together – taken outside in natural light and all that jazz.)

13 thoughts on “Ugly Clothes

  1. Haha, I love when people call plain ol’ USED things “vintage.” Nope, it’s just old and busted, sorry. I got worried about the macaron thing, until I realized it’s different from a macaroon. Because trendy or not, I will eat a macaroon any where, any time.

    • Haha yeah, the one that gets me is ‘vintage furniture’ when it’s literally a scabby old couch that someone was giving away.
      A macaroon is a little flaky coconutty thing, right? Whereas macarons are pretentious Parisian confectionery. I’ve only ever eaten one (not in Paris) and while it was nice enough, it was just a bit nothingy and pointless.

      • I’ve been shopping for furniture on Craigslist…and, oh, I see that one all the time, except around here they like to call “old and scabby” furniture “retro.” No, thank you–I’d like a couch that still has both armrests and a little support left in the cushions.

        Okay, good. I don’t think I’ve ever had a macaron, but I loooove my macaroons. Or anything coconut. Maybe I would like a coconut macaron, if that’s an option.

  2. The thing is, hung up like that I have to admit I think the skirt is hideous (sorry!), but then having seen your outfits before I think you could totally rock it and make me love it! So basically I demand an outfit post with it :-)

    Blogger stereotypes? Well I drink skinny iced lattes a bit too often but I think that’s more a *posh Cambridge* stereotype! I don’t know which stereotypes I adhere to, what do you think?

    • Ha, no need to apologise, I completely agree! I showed the skirt to my boyfriend over Skype last night and he was genuinely baffled and asked me why I had bought it. I tried on a little prototype of the outfit I’d like it to be a part of and I believe I can pull it off :)

      I think if you were to adhere to any stereotypes it would be more healthy living blogger ones – though I don’t really think your blog is stereotypical. That’s one of the reasons I like it, that it’s not just a straight forward ‘here are the healthy things I ate today’ blog like some are – you talk about your life and your condition and post things which are interesting and thought-provoking.

    • I’m going to take my camera back to the shop tomorrow, then who knows how long it will take to fix. But I promise to take an outfit post one day soon, when I have a fully functioning camera and weather that allows me to get my legs out a little bit.

      No problem :) I hope you enjoy!

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  4. I feel so honoured that my little post has sparked a little inspiration; thank you Emily :) I’m glad you liked it.

    I think I’m probably guilty of calling something second hand, vintage. I’ve even used the phrase ‘vintage style’ as well, to describe something that isn’t even second hand but just deliberately made to look a bit old and naff! I love that skirt and would most definetly team it with a white vest or t-shirt. (‘Team’ that’s another wanky blogger word!)

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