Lazy Sunday Links: The Non-Lazy Edition

As per my March goals, and life goals in general, I’m thinking today about ways to make myself more productive. The perfect day to consider this is obviously on a lazy Sunday, so that I can idly daydream today before springing into action tomorrow. Here are some articles and blog posts I’ve found with tips to increase productivity etc. Some tips are really good and others aren’t, I’m taking it all with a pinch of salt and only paying attention to the ones I’m interested in. As you do.

Have you got any tips and tricks for being more productive, whether it comes to work, exercise, job-hunting, or even socialising? I find it really hard to strike a balance: right now I feel very motivated to do work, both paid and unpaid, but have no desire to exercise, find looking for a full time job unbelievably stressful, and can never seem to find the time or the money to see my friends.

11 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Links: The Non-Lazy Edition

  1. I was struggling for money to be able to see my friends during second and third year (well, last summer I was paying rent on two flats at the same time for reasons out of my control. I was so poor.) and as a result none of them even text me anymore. Not having money sucks, but fake ‘friends’ suck even more. So I’ll be trying to be more social, too. And I’m with you on the lack of desire to exercise – I was all for it in freezing January when there were few people out at 9am, but now there are so many people that I just can’t wait to be reunited with my bike at home so that I don’t have to make a fool of myself whilst jogging.

    Oh lordy, I don’t want to graduate :(

    I’m not sure how relevant this comment is to your post :(

    • Friendships nowadays can be so fickle. Especially at uni, when the culture is all about going out, partying and dropping insane amounts of money all while saying how poor you are (I don’t mean you, I mean other people who spend hundreds on nights out and then say they can’t afford a textbook), it can be so easy to let friendships slip through the cracks when finance gets in the way. I definitely miss the ease of socialising at uni now that I either don’t have time or can’t afford to see most of my friends on a regular basis.

      The main reason for my lack of exercise motivation is, I think, because I don’t know exactly what I want to do. The gym is expensive, my room is too small to do a proper workout, and I don’t want to be seen running in public. I’m just full of excuses as usual!

      I know exactly how you’re feeling! Though I’m afraid I have no words to soothe your panic stricken soul, feel free to drop me an email any time if you need to let off some steam :)

      • I cant help but feel that I’m starting to veer back into panic mode, like I did just before my dissertation was due! I find that my bike makes a difference to my exercise habits. I feel like using it to travel is helping in two ways, if you see what I mean. When I go for a jog I feel mean that I ought to be taking my dog for a walk instead… DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED on the Hollister dicks. ‘oh I spent loads on going out and my Hollister shite but now I’m so poor I’m going to live on noodles’. Yeah, well, shouldn’t have been an arse then, should you. I am so judgmental. March goal – stop it.

      • Panic mode was my default setting in the final stretch of uni, alternating with cabin fever and occasionally blind drunkenness.

        Ahhh, yes, rich kids pretending to be poor = really fecking annoying. You don’t need to stop being judgemental, all the people you seem to judge are in need of it.

  2. Thank you for all of the links, with the way my condition affects me mentally I can sometimes find it really hard to work productively or get much in a day so I need all the help I can get!

    Not having the money to do anything sucks, my boyfriend (who’s in his forth year) is in that position at the moment and I’m not going to lie, it is difficult.

    Reading your reply to Danielle I have to comment, you definitely end up having a lot of ‘fake’ friendships at uni, many people are incredibly fickle. Having the restrictions I have brings to light people’s true character much more!

    For exercise, I agree getting the initial motivation can be really difficult, I’d definitely try the DVD if I were you, maybe you could do it in your sitting room if your bedroom’s too small? They’re great because it’s only 20 minutes of your time so you don’t feel like it’s as much of a commitment as going to the gym!

    Hope some of that rambling helps :-)

    • I just had to comment again to say: Fake university friends! Yes! So many of them, especially in halls. It gets easier to ignore them when you’re in a house or flat (gosh, I am coming off awfully in these comments today!) It’s awful that your situation brings this out in people. People are bloody crap sometimes.

    • Yeah, I wish I could *not* care about money but it really does affect so many aspects of life, especially relationships. It’s hard for me and my boyfriend because he’s currently not earning and I’m not earning very much, so we have to make sure everything we do together is quite budget-friendly, when what we really want to go is go somewhere nice for a weekend and get a hotel and go out for a nice meal etc.

      That’s one of the great things about the 30 Day Shred – it’s so quick that it’s easy to get it over and done with even when you’re short on time.


  3. I love motivational articles/lists, but then I’m not sure if they have a lasting effect for me. The whole time I’m reading I’ll completely agree with it all, and then by the end I say, “eh, tomorrow.” I guess it’s because you have to find the motivation that works for you–such a personal thing. Articles are certainly inspiring, but it takes reading a few and picking and choosing the applicable parts…

    • I feel the same way actually. They’re great to read, but they don’t make me spring from my chair in a fit of motivation. That’s why I tend to note down the tips that appeal to me and generally ignore the rest, haha. For example, any time an article suggests that I wake up at 5am every morning I will completely disregard that – not gonna happen!

  4. Hi Emily! I really enjoyed your post. This post though, and other posts of yours, have made me question your reasons for wanting to exercise more, and I think you might find this post interesting: exercise. .

    To work both paid and unpaid seems as though you have plenty of motivation and that you are being to hard on yourself. Having said that, I find it useful to combine two things, like if you want to exercise more and see your friends, maybe you could organise to go walking with a friend somewhere nice. It’s good socially, psychologically and best yet: it’s free.

    I’m dreading withdrawing from my Journalism degree at the start of the year. In Australia the system is different from yours, but basically I’m doing a double degree of law and journalism, but journalism seems an impossible industry to get into and then truly enjoy, so I’m focusing on the law part – maybe wanting to work in the Government with policy development. Taking the step to withdraw from journalism is something I’ve been putting off! Hopefully I can dig up some motivation from your links.

    • Hi Hope. My reasons for wanting to exercise are just to improve my general fitness, and because even though I lack motivation to work out, I feel a million times better when I do, and feel sluggish when I don’t. While I’m not 100% happy with my weight, I don’t force myself to exercise in order to slim down – if that is what you are suggesting. I enjoy the exercise that I do, when I do it.

      Going for a walk with a friend sounds like a great idea!

      Eek, I hope withdrawing from part of your degree goes smoothly. Best of luck.

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