Lately #2


  • Rich & I had a lovely Valentine’s day that involved chocolate chip cookies, brownies, steak, roasted vegetables and sweet potato fries.
  • I acquired a new telly. It has more than 5 channels, it turns on when I want it to (as opposed to turning itself on in the middle of the night like my old tv did), and it is baby pink.
  • We went to White Scar Cave, which was beautiful and great fun.
  • I sold an article! As in, I got paid actual money for writing something. Happy days!
  • My younger sister Harriet got ill. Then Rich got ill. Then… wait for it… I got ill. It turns out that feeling like you’re on the brink of being physically sick for an entire day is perhaps the only thing that will make you thankful for vomiting. Since Saturday night I have only managed to eat one slice of toast, two croissants, four cream crackers and two ginger biscuits. I am now on the road to recovery and I am absolutely starving – especially after reminiscing about my Valentine’s meal.
  • Apologies for the terrible photos. My camera desperately needs to go back to the shop (it has broken twice since August – not cool, Samsung!) but it’s taking me forever to get round to taking it in. My laptop also has a million things wrong with it. Technology is proving rather stressful at the moment.
  • I haven’t given up on the book challenge posts, I just haven’t had a lot of time between nursing a poorly boyfriend and being poorly myself. I really enjoy writing about my experiences with books but sometimes need a prompt to come up with an interesting post. However I might just post a few a week, and miss out the ones that don’t interest me, rather than posting one every day.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day (if they celebrate the occasion) and a fantastic week.

7 thoughts on “Lately #2

    • Oh oh it’s not exciting in any way! I just filled a request on for an article about the carnival in Martinique. I sold the full rights to it as well so I’m not actually sure if I’d be allowed to post it on here? Still, it was pretty exciting to do something I enjoy – research and write something – and get paid for it.

    • It was lovely :) I never treat Valentine’s day like a big deal, but it’s always nice to cook and spend time together, especially cos we’re long distance.
      Thanks :)

  1. Wow congratulations on the article! That’s so exciting, I’m with Danielle, I want to read it ;-) If you can’t post it here, maybe a link?

    Your Valentine’s day sounds lovely, that steak just looks AMAZING. Your brownies also look delicious, I need me some of those.

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    • Thanks lovely! If I see where it gets published I’ll post a link on here.

      It was fantastic :) I melted some home made garlic butter on it as well, mmmmm. The brownies were so good! My boyfriend made them for me, isn’t he sweet? They had three different kinds of chocolate in them – absolutely gorgeous but so sickly haha.

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