My Experience With Squaretrade: Kindle Insurance

I’ll set the scene: I am curled up in bed one night. I reach for my Kindle so that I can read a chapter of my book before I go to sleep. When I flick the switch to wake it, the screensaver and the words of the book merge together, and strange lines appear across the screen. Panicking, I flicked the switch a few more times, hoping that the screen would spring back into life. Alas – it did not. SAM_3285

My final verdict was that it was broken. I’m not entirely sure how I broke it, but it must have been something purely accidental and unremarkable that happened around the house. These things happen.

Thankfully, I had paid the modest sum of £30 for 3 years Kindle insurance with Squaretrade. Despite all signs pointing to the fact that they are a great company, I still laid there in bed at 11pm imagining every single thing that could go wrong when filing a claim with them.

I rang them at 10.30 on Tuesday morning. The phone was answered promptly by an incredibly helpful and friendly man. He asked me the usual questions, and apologised when it took some time for the information to process. He talked me through every step of what they would do and what was required of me. There must be a catch, I kept thinking. But there wasn’t. The man on the phone told me that my new Kindle would be with me by Thursday morning. It arrived first thing Wednesday morning. The replacement Kindle came with my information already on it. I have to re-download my books from the archived items, but this is very quick and doesn’t cost me anything.

They emailed me a set of prepaid return labels, and advised me to send the broken Kindle back in the box it came in. Squaretrade recommended that I use a Yodel courier to return the broken Kindle, and sent one out to me free of charge. I could choose the day that the courier came but unfortunately not a time slot. Thankfully I saw the van out of the window when the courier arrived.

The Verdict: Squaretrade insurance are great. In the past, when I have tried to return electrical goods that have broken, I have been met with a barrage of accusations and refusals. Squaretrade understood that accidents can happen very easily. The replacement Kindle arrived incredibly quickly. I am very impressed, and recommend that if you own a Kindle you fork over the extra money to insure it with Squaretrade.

4 thoughts on “My Experience With Squaretrade: Kindle Insurance

  1. You can insure an kindle? Wow. I feel like a ninety-year-old man right now. And you should be the posterchild for Squaretrade. If they read this they would never stop the spamming. Never.

    • Ha, I must sound like a right suck-up, but the main reason I wrote this was because I couldn’t find any first-person accounts of the company and thought other people might find it useful.

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  3. The exact same thing happened to my boyfriend’s Kindle. He didn’t have it insured, but as it was still in warranty with Amazon he called them directly. They replaced it with a new Kindle with no fuss at all – good to know that there are some companies out there that don’t treat you like a criminal when your item breaks!

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