08: A Book That Scares Me

Dark-Matter-jacket-200x315Dark Matter by Michelle Paver

I don’t really get scared by books – most likely because I don’t tend to read scary books. Scary films are great, I can watch them every day. I get suitably scared and then I get over it. Scary books generally don’t appeal to me. The genre just doesn’t beckon to me. Also, when a book scares me, I tend to get scared and stay scared, or at least jumpy, for about a day.

I hope this doesn’t put anyone off reading Dark Matter, because it is a truly amazing novel. Even if you are of a delicate constitution, read it in the daytime with all the lights on, all the doors locked. I made the mistake of reading it at night, in a creaky noisy house. The writing is superb, and both the landscape and the ‘ghost’ are so vividly portrayed.

Would you rather read a scary book or watch a scary film?

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5 thoughts on “08: A Book That Scares Me

  1. I’m like you, I don’t normally go for scary books, not really my thing. However after talking to someone about the new Woman in Black film coming out and they said the book is brilliant so I’m tempted to read it. Now I can add this to the list too!

    Just wanted to say that I love reading these posts, it’s really interesting to learn about new books and read about what you thought about books that I’ve read too :-)

  2. I just added this to my list of books to buy! I love horror movies, but have yet to read what I would consider a “good” horror book–but I’d love to! Looking for this the next time I’m at the used bookstore (and that will be soon! I’m getting dangerously low on books…meaning I only have four or five waiting for me on my bedside table :D )

  3. I prefer scary books because scary movies can be predictable. And also, I think the books give you more history on what or who is so scary and why, while the movie cuts the history in half and is mostly about the gore.

  4. It’s funny how where you read a book can make so much difference. I think the scariest book I’ve ever read (and also the weirdest book I’ve ever read — it does unsettling and bizarre stuff with typography and layout and there is this whole second story going on in the footnotes that has a tertiary relationship to the main action) is House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. More or less the main character is this house that is basically alive, its internal dimensions change and eventually it grows this whole new appendage with stairs that go nowhere and hallways that grow and shrink, etc. I wish I had read it out in a field or something, I felt unsettled being inside my house for days. Oh, it’s so deliciously good though.

    I don’t know why I like getting so creeped out by books sometimes, I kind of hate scary movies. Maybe because it is easier for me to digest in stages and to walk away from when I start feeling too anxious.

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