06: Favourite Young Adult Book

last_chanceLast Chance by Sarah Dessen

I got a free copy of this with J17 when I was quite a bit younger than 17. I started reading it that night, and finished it within days. Then I read it again. I have honestly lost count of the amount of times I’ve read this book over the years. I still have the same copy and occasionally flick through it. I think I read it at exactly the right time in my life, and that’s why it still resonates with me now. When I first read it, I could relate to one of the characters, and I idolised another of the characters.  It’s not exactly a novel that I would recommend, as it’s not what I usually enjoy, but it’s become something of a comfort blanket to me. When I’m feeling miserable, a lazy flick through this book will always cheer me up – as cheesy as that might sound. It’s not even a guilty pleasure, it’s somehow become a cherished keepsake, even though if I saw it in a bookshop now I wouldn’t give it a second look.

Do you have any books like this – that you enjoy reading it because you’ve attached strong emotions to it?

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2 thoughts on “06: Favourite Young Adult Book

  1. Not quite in the same why perhaps, but I book I remember reading most from my teenage years was Junk. I remember thinking that it should be tought in schools. Living a sheltered country life it certainly gave me an insight into the big wide world out there. I’d not thought about it in a long time but it was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw ‘Favourite Young Adut Book’ so it must have left a mark somewhere!

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