Lately I have been Eating curry with family and work friends. Reading on trains. Spending time with some of my most favourite people. Sleeping in cold houses and not getting ill for once (!). Filling my diary with exciting appointments, dates and deadlines. Attempting to wear furry leopard print slipper boots for every waking moment. Writing out a life plan that I just might be able to follow through on. Watching Red Dwarf and cackling obnoxiously to myself. Eating courgettes fried in garlic and lemon juice – which is amazing, by the way, you should try it. Dancing until my feet hurt. Buying a b-e-a-utiful book from an adorable bookshop in Northallerton. Listening to Fiona Apple’s Extraordinary Machine album in its entirety and dying an amazingness-induced death. Writing in a snazzy little journal. Baking a pink heart shaped cake for a friend’s birthday.

13 thoughts on “Lately

    • THEY ARE SO FANTASTIC. Furry slipper boots are a must in everyone’s life. Some of my friends have been wearing slipper boots for years but I only recently got some, and I never want to have anything else on my feet. Thanks lovely! :)

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a fabulous time! Absolutely LOVE your journal, it’s so pretty. And that book is really pretty, I saw some like that in my local oxfam bookshop but there were none that appealed. I almost bought one anyway though :-P

    • They are amazing! I barely ever have them off my feet.

      No pictures of the cake I’m afraid! The only one I have is of my friend holding it and I don’t think she’d want her picture on here. It was heart-shaped, with baby pink buttercream icing all the way round the sides, with an ‘E’ on the top in edible purple glitter :)

  2. Your list is dripping with awesome. In particular, I giggled to see another Red Dwarf fan in the blogosphere. And those boots look fantastically comfortable!

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