what’s in my handbag

I’m a really nosey person. I usually manage to restrain myself and not rifle through other people’s belongings. This is why I love these ‘what’s in my bag’ posts that appear occasionally on blogs. I get to peek about in people’s bags, with their permission! How great is that? So if you’re like me, and love to look at other people’s things, here’s what’s in my handbag.




I add and subtract things from it every day, so this is what I had in my handbag on Monday 23rd January 2012. Here we have: a wallet (which I received as part of a secret Santa present from this lovely lady), some loose change that clearly did not make it into the aforementioned wallet, a mirror with a picture of Medusa on it (bought from the Uffizi gallery gift shop and possibly my favourite thing in the world), a copy of The Behaviour of Moths by Poppy Adams, three lip balms, a stray necklace, a variety of receipts, train tickets, my peculiar bright pink Chinese phone, a leaflet for Durham Book Fair, Tesco clubcard, Moleskine diary, and a biro. I used to carry some food and a drink in my handbag at all times (because I am a child) but lately I keep them in the car instead.

Isn’t this just the classiest what’s in my bag post that you’ve ever seen? Loose change and charity shop receipts are just as much a part of life as fancy phones and pretty trinkets.

17 thoughts on “what’s in my handbag

  1. Great idea for a post! I also hoard lip balms :)

    My current handbag is pretty humongous so a post like this would be 29831872676182736 words!

    • I either have no lip balms at all and suddenly have dry lips, or I have 3 and never need to use one.

      You should do one! When I was in sixth form I had a gigantic handbag and used to carry half my life around with me every day.

    • This one is from Dorothy Perkins and was a birthday present. There are loads of really cute and unusual ones on ebay for about £1 if you have the patience to look for them :)

  2. I love these posts :-) I really must do one some time! Is The Behaviour of Moths good? I’m always looking for new reads. I really like your pendant too, there’s a great little shop in Nottingham which sells loads like that, it’s really sweet. I must get myself a little diary like yours, it’s lovely :-)

    • You should definitely do one :) I finished The Behaviour of Moths over the weekend and I really enjoyed it! The ending was a little bit of a let down, but overall it was a great read and completely gripping – I ended up ignoring my friends for half an hour on Saturday because I just HAD to finish it, haha. The diary is just a Moleskine, it was about £10 from Amazon. They’re so useful for getting my life in order haha :)

    • It is possibly the most beautiful/horrible/amazing thing that I own. I have another hand mirror with a pretty bird print that says ‘hello beautiful’ and I have to rotate the two depending on whether I’m feeling beautiful or a bit Medusa-like.

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  4. Your handbag has the most interesting things in it out of all the handbag posts I’ve read so far.
    And I want to steal your owl necklace.

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