Mixed Media

Anyone who argues that people who own a Kindle will stop buying paper books altogether has clearly never met me.

The ease and convenience of a Kindle is truly amazing. I love the fact that almost any book I can dream of is available to me within minutes, without having to trek out to a bookshop, or wait for it to be delivered. I wish I had one while I was studying English, as it would have saved the inevitable mad dash from the library to the campus bookshop searching for a set text 20 minutes before a seminar.

However, I won’t stop buying books. In fact I can’t stop buying books. I went to the post office this morning and accidentally went into two charity shops on my way back to the car and bought three books – and a video cassette, because I’m seriously old school. A few weeks ago I went to lunch with a friend and somehow bought two books.


The convenience of an e-book will never beat the experience of actual books, especially second-hand books. I like the way they look and the way they feel in my hands. I like when one page is particularly dog-eared, or when there are notes scrawled in margins. A Kindle can never replace a bookshelf. My dream house will always include a fully stocked library, complete with a sliding ladder so I can whizz round the room like Belle. (Of Beauty and the Beast fame, of course.)


So, books, I love you and I always will. But I’m cheating on you with my Kindle. I hope we can work this out as some kind of open relationship. If that’s cool.

8 thoughts on “Mixed Media

  1. We are so similar when it comes to books! I am definitely cheating on books with my kindle but then I can’t stop buying books either, there is an oxfam bookshop near campus which always has a new pile of books for me to explore when I go in – I’m addicted. Love your kindle case by the way :-)

      • I find that too – they’re so much cheaper if you just go to an ordinary charity shop, although they don’t have the selection of an Oxfam bookshop. I think people feel that going into an Oxfam bookshop means they look literary and charitable, but that there’s still a stigma to shopping in an actual charity shop.

        Still unsure about getting a kindle though, even though the whole world is trying to convince me!

  2. NOTHING can replace a bookshelf! I have a NOOK, but I LOVE still buying real books also :) *love your reference to Beauty & the Beast! I too dream of a library with a ladder I can whiz around on and sing from up high on the shelves! Happy reading!

    • A shelf with one lonely Kindle on it would just not be the same! Ahh, a library with a ladder would make my life utterly complete. You too!

  3. I have plans for a library complete with sliding ladder as well! As soon as I make my millions…

    While I have no current interest in a Kindle, I can see how one would have been really handy through school. I can’t say no to an in-paper book…went to a local used bookstore on Saturday and it was all I could do to get out of there with ONLY six new books…I was proud of my control.

  4. I love a good paper back, I like to keep them and like you I dream of walls and walls of stocked shelves. I’ve not ventured into the world of digital books yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. But I think I’ll treat it like I do my music when I bought my first iPod and that’s still purchase something tangible as well as owning it digitally, especially on those that I really really love and want to cherish forever.

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