What I Wore

I love fashion bloggers. Seriously, you ladies are awesome. I’ve given up magazines, but I still need to look at beautiful clothes every now and again. Some days I hate every single item of clothing in my (jam packed) wardrobe. On days like this, a fashion blog is far more useful as inspiration than a magazine could ever be. I don’t need to see somebody wearing a dress that cost a thousand pounds, styled to within an inch of their life and laid on an exotic beach somewhere. That does not help me put together a passable outfit. I want to see somebody wearing a dress from Primark with a coat from a charity shop and looking just as amazing as the model in the magazine, even if they are just heading to uni or going out for lunch.

I don’t do outfit posts myself very often, even though I love seeing them on other blogs. I feel incredibly awkward taking pictures of myself, and quite frankly, some days all I wear are pyjamas and my work clothes which, trust me, are not very exciting. When Rich comes to visit, this means that I wear proper outfits and have somebody willing to take my picture. It also means that we go for walks around my village and so I have a nice backdrop  to pose in front of. Here are two outfits I donned in the past few days. january15th


The rules of my ‘style’ (if you can call it that) are 1. colour is your friend 2. jeans are not. I started a WIWT account: Emdawg. The chances of me posting a photo there every day are… well, just wait and see if hell freezes over. Still, doing one or two a week will make me feel that I have to look presentable more often, which can only be a good thing.

How do you feel about outfit posts? They’re unlikely to become the focus of What Emily Did Next, as I actually quite like my little blog the way it is – a general hodgepodge of my life.

How would you sum up your style in two rules?

9 thoughts on “What I Wore

    • Thanks! I was pretty cold – I’m so bad at dressing properly for the weather. I’m usually the one wearing a thick hoodie when it’s a nice warm day, and just a thin cardigan when it’s like the Arctic outside. If you look on my WIWT profile I tagged the clothes in the pictures. It’s a mix of vintage/charity shop things, with a bit of Dorothy Perkins and Next thrown in :) Nothing fancy!

  1. I love the first outfit! Those shorts are lovely and I do love that hat :). I’m just like you, I feel so awkward taking photos of myself and I also put a lot more time into my outfits when I see my boyfriend!
    I really like how your blog is at the moment too, but I quite like your outfit posts so I’d like it if you kept doing them occasionally :)

    • Why thanks :) I feel so silly taking pictures of myself, even though when I see other people doing it I don’t think they look silly, or that it’s a silly thing to do. Maybe when I have my own place I’d feel less self-conscious, I’m not sure.
      Thanks, if I get over my awkwardness I might keep them coming :)

  2. LOVE those shorts and denim jacket combo.
    im in agreement, jeans are a cop-out… unless you have a REALLY good fitting pair :-)
    id like to see more outift posts on the blog. i think its a nice way to mix things up

    • Cheers! I thought it was a nice nod to this supposed double-denim ‘trend’, without looking like a cowboy.

      I have a pair of burgundy jeans and some turquoise ones which I quite like wearing, but in general I find jeans uncomfortable and annoying. I have a really tricky body shape to find jeans for – I’m a total pear shape with a small waist, big hips and really long legs. When I’m mega rich I might get some jeans tailor-made, haha.

  3. Jeans are definitely not my friend, either. They’re so clingy but then go so baggy and feel like they’re going to fall down – I really don’t know why everyone loves them so much. Tights ftw.

    • Yes, exactly this! Jeans are usually really tight around my thighs, sometimes uncomfortably so, but too loose around the waist and I end up with a builder’s bum :( I have no idea why the great love affair with them either. I love a good pair of tights, even if I do seem to put holes and ladders into every pair I own.

  4. I LOVE your fashion/outfit posts! Keep making ’em. And I’m definitely off to check out those fashion blogs you have linked, especially if they are using affordable/thrift items. Yeah, we can all look stylish if we’re paying $150 for jeans–tell me how to look good in the real world/with real money. Hmm, my fashion (when I’m trying) is the brighter and bolder the better (which is why I love your combos!). However, my everyday/work rule is more along the lines of “Is it on the top of my piles of clean laundry?”

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