You’re So Vain





I just wanted to show off my new coat. It was an absolute bargain at £12, found in a Mind charity shop. I was really unsure of it but after an overbearing sales assistant repeatedly told me how amazing I looked in it, I decided I had to buy it. At home I realised that the addition of a thin brown belt improved it immeasurably (read: made me look less like a bag lady), and now I am in love. The material is lovely and such good quality. Whoever had this coat either never wore it or took impeccably good care of it! The other day I spied a fancy fur collar in Dorothy Perkins and knew it was the perfect companion. Excuse my ridiculous face in the second photo. Believe it or not I’m not pulling it on purpose, apparently my face naturally falls into a ridiculous pout like that.

Since I’m already being vain, here I am Instagram-style.


8 thoughts on “You’re So Vain

  1. I love it! It really suits you and I like how unique it is – no one else will look the same :-)
    I’ve been wanting a fur collar for ages, they look so soft and comfortable, plus I love the slightly Period look they have!

    • Yeah that’s a great thing about second hand clothes :) You should have a look in the sales for a fur collar, mine was reduced to £5 in Dorothy Perkins, and then turned out to be reduced to £3 when it was scanned at the till. Complete bargain! I agree about the period look, I was saying to my grandma that I felt a bit like royalty while I was wearing it.

  2. Ooh, I like me a nice creamy yellow piece of attire, especially with the collar and the belt! Interesting stuff never comes into our shop :(

    • That’s a bummer. I volunteered in a charity shop while I was at college, and I sometimes got to bagsy the clothes I liked before they went onto the shop floor. Perks of the job and all that :)

      • On an unrelated note, in my continued quest to make do with blogger before I go mental and delete it, I installed disqus, and now all my comments are gone. Ahahahahahahaahahah I HATE BLOGGER but I just don’t understand wordpress :( I have, however, reserved a wordpress site for when the hate gets to me.

        On a related note, I lied, I got a pretty pink sparkly jumper from the shop just before Christmas.

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