Lazy Sunday Links

~ I ate at Chaobaby on Friday and haven’t stopped talking about it since. If my boyfriend is reading this he will be thinking ‘really, Emily, you’re still talking about it?!’ Yes. Yes I am. The food was absofrickinlutely amazing. I have no other words for it. If you’re in the North of England, hunt down a Chaophraya restaurant. (Read Kim’s post about the place if you want to see pictures, or read some eloquent words about it!)

~ I’m often suspicious of all these ‘100 best iPhone apps!’ ‘50 best burger joints in NYC!’ ‘5 best ways to tame a donkey! type of articles, but I actually found The 30 Most Useful Kindle URLs kind of, er, useful.

~ I don’t care what your feelings on X Factor contestants are, I adore this song. I hope you do too.

~ I never thought this would happen, but I’ve become obsessed with looking at pictures of nicely decorated houses. I guess it’s because I’m itching to move out of my parent’s house. I’m daydreaming about bookshelves and fairy lights. Click on the pictures for the source.house1



Have a lovely lazy Sunday! Preferably in bed with a cup of tea or coffee, as above.


One thought on “Lazy Sunday Links

  1. Glad you enjoyed Chaobaby – it’s like my new favourite place. And that’s the first time ever that anyone has described my words as eloquent, so thanks! :-)

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