2011: Pictures




2011-12-05 letitsnow

2011 was a good year. Three holidays, graduating university, much happiness with friends, family and boyfriend, good food, good parties, lots of laughs.

This is officially the end of my festive/Christmas/NYE themed blog posts. Be thankful.

8 thoughts on “2011: Pictures

  1. The yellow dress is lovely! Also, don’t you look sweet with (I presume) boyfriend. And finally, THAT PASTA looks delicious. I hope 2012 has similar delights in store for you!

    P.S. I *think* the dissertation went relatively well, but I don’t know officially for three weeks. I think I’d rather not know, actually. :\

    • Thanks! It was my graduation dress :) That pasta was possibly the best thing that happened to me all year. I might have to go back to Verona just to eat it.

      I’m sure you’ll have done fine! I have faith in you :)

    • In all the information about my graduation it said I had to wear black or white but I just didn’t. I figured they couldn’t not let me graduate because I was wearing a colourful dress! The only thing I got told off about on the day was that my dress had no buttons to pin the hood onto. Be glad you don’t get a cap! I felt like such a fool in mine, the one they gave me didn’t fit and when I asked for another one they basically said ‘none of them fit, you’ll get used to it’ and a girl I know nodded at the chancellor on her way off the stage and hers fell straight off!

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