Ridiculous Resolutions

New year’s resolutions can be great. They can be motivating and fulfilling and rewarding. They can also be completely soul-destroying. They can morph into something terrifying that will follow you around during the year as you go about doing good things and being a decent person, belittling all your efforts and achievements by reminding you that you haven’t done that arbitrary thing you said you would.

This year I’m only making ridiculous resolutions.

  1. I will join and then promptly forget about as many social networking sites as I can.
  2. I will write as many stories about seaweed monsters as I can.
  3. I will daydream about taking a year off for a whirlwind adventure of the world, and will eventually settle on a weekend in Berlin (and freaking love it too).
  4. I will dance wildly, whether in public or in private, at least once a week.
  5. I will drink more tea, less coffee. I’m a tea drinker at heart, always have been.

What are your ridiculous resolutions?

6 thoughts on “Ridiculous Resolutions

  1. 1. I will go to my local supermarket in pajamas one morning.
    2. I will actually try and grow a miniature rats tail (I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I REALLY WANT ONE.)
    3. I will take my bunny to the park and throw sticks for it.
    4. I will post a picture of myself on my blog. (eeeeek!)

    Happy New-Resoluting =)

    • I love your first resolution! When I was at university I went to the shops in my jim jams all the time haha! I feel like it’s far less acceptable now that I’m no longer a student (and now that the shops are a 10 minute drive away)

      Ooh, I look forward to seeing a picture of you and putting a face to your writing :)

  2. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, because I can’t be bothered to set myself up for failure and I have got enough to keep myself busy already without adding any more to the list. I love your resolutions they really made me laugh!

    • This was my thinking too. Anything worth doing will get done over the course of the year anyway, and there’s no use having a failed resolution looming over you and making you feel bad even if you’re working hard anyway!

      Thanks! :)

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