I talk about tomorrow a lot.

Too much, in fact.

Saying I’ll do it tomorrow is the easiest way to feel productive while procrastinating.

It ranges from I’ll post that letter tomorrow to I’ll apply for that job tomorrow to I’ll change the world tomorrow.

This is all intensified when the day in question is the last day of the year. Everyone believes that they will wake up on the 1st January ready to face the year, achieve all their resolutions, work harder, lose weight, make more money, be happier, redecorate the house, write a novel, patch things up with their estranged father, read War and Peace, fix their relationship, run a marathon, raise money for charity, start their own business, quit smoking, learn a new language, start a blog, stop drinking, start recycling.

Maybe they will. Or they might wake up with a hangover and not be able to do anything all day. Or they might break all their resolutions within the first hour they’re awake, without even realising. Or they might wake up and feel the same as they do every other day.

So I’m just going to be honest with myself.

Tomorrow is the 1st of January, 2012. It will be a new year, and a new day. But it will be the same as today. The same as yesterday. The same as most other days. Nothing will be different unless I make it different. Maybe I will make it different, but that will be because of me, not because of the magical qualities of the new year. I hope it will be good, that it will be different, that I will be a success, but I’ll have to work for it.

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One thought on “Tomorrow

  1. This was such an excellent post. I feel so similar. I procrastinate the entire year thinking; I’ll do it next year. Save it for next year. Next year. Next year. Then comes 2012 and I think ‘Well, shit, I’m the same as yesterday but I’ve lost an entire year.’ And because of that method, I’ve lost 3 years of my life, literally. I can’t remember one thing that stood out. 1,095 days I lost to just thinking I would do it another day.
    Then again, saying ‘I’m going to change’ is a big contradictory, isn’t it? Moot point.

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