The Gift Of Giving

Putting together Christmas presents on a limited budget can be stressful.

It can also be really fun, as I found this year. I’ve never been much of a present swapper with most of my friends, so the list of people to buy for was mercifully short. On it were my mum and dad, my two sisters, two of my best friends, and my boyfriend.

Anybody else who is a friend of mine and thought they were getting some sort of present – sorry. I’ll buy you a cocktail or something.

Without further ado, here are what these special people in my life received.

Mum & Dad I got my mum a cute little espresso cup from Prague Castle, and I got my dad two bottles of Czech beer.

Leila Leila’s present consists of an adorable Russian doll from Prague, and a coaster from Harvey Nicks, dahling. She has flown the nest and therefore I thought she might appreciate bits and bobs to decorate her house with. I’m not sure whether other people consider a Russian doll as a good ornament, but I do, and a coaster is always useful – and awesome, in this case. (I haven’t given her this yet because she wasn’t home for Christmas. Leila, if you read this, pretend you haven’t!)

pre 005pre 014

Harriet When I went to Italy in August, I got a turtle ring from a market in Rome and gave it to Harriet as a present. She asked for another from Prague. I got her two: a rather evil looking, red-eyed rabbit, and a silver crocodile. She also got a Harvey Nichols coaster.

 december2011 008december2011 006

pre 013

Holly A few months ago, I spotted some London-themed boxes of teabags while shopping. I lingered over them, thinking they were cute, but decided against buying them for myself, because a) I have plenty of tea and b) I don’t actually heart London as much as the average person, so it seemed a bit silly for me to have them. ‘They’re more of a present’, I thought, walking away, before suddenly sprinting back with Holly in mind. I wrapped them before I had chance to take a photo, though. The Russian doll pin is another Prague souvenir.

december2011 005

Becci For Becci’s present, I got a bit creative. She works as a hairdresser and sometimes complains that her hands are dry and painful because of it. I got her some hand cream, nail varnish and nail files. So far, so cute, so boring, right? I decided to jazz things up a bit by completely ripping off Vivatramp and sticking it all in a snazzy little jar with some tissue paper and confetti and sequins. I think it looks quite impressive and thoughtful, and yet didn’t break the bank or require a lot of painstaking effort to put together.

pre 006pre 007

It would appear that my tip for a frugal Christmas is to be a bit sneaky: go abroad and buy cheap things then fob them off as ‘authentic’ gifts, rip off other people’s ideas, and buy the cheapest thing from an expensive shop, take the price off but leave the tags on.

Did you give any amazing presents this year?

6 thoughts on “The Gift Of Giving

  1. Love the idea of presents in a jar. And that nesting doll pin is adorable. Best present I gave was a digital camera to my parents–they have one from…hmmm..9 years ago??…that takes horrible pictures, has the tiniest viewer and drains batteries. I broke my old camera and they asked if they could have it–they were that desperate (or cheap…).

    • I thought it was really cute! When I gave it to my friend I think she was more impressed with the jar than the contents, haha.

      Lol aww bless them! I gave my sister my old broken digital camera a while ago.

      • I think I’d be just as obsessed with the jar, too, haha. It’s fun how much wrapping/containers can change a present. And I love all these new camera avoiders, new ones really AREN’T that expensive at all these days…

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