Christmas Dinner

I must admit that my version of Christmas isn’t about religion. It also isn’t about commercial greed. It’s not really about a big jolly man in a red suit, or the Coca Cola advert, or fake snow on the windows – but that’s all good stuff. It’s about enjoying the company of my family and loved ones, sharing gifts, and eating delicious food.

It’s about Christmas dinner. It’s all about Christmas dinner. It’s about all that delicious food that, for some reason, you don’t eat all year round even though we love it. It’s about leftovers that take over your life. It’s about sitting round a table with the family and trying to have a nice, mature conversation, but only being able to murmur ‘the parsnips are amazing’ or ‘these mashed potatoes are amazing’ every minute or so as you chow down. It’s about decadent, delicious desserts that just wouldn’t be appropriate any other day of the year.

christmasdindins 001

christmasdindins 012

christmasdindins 020

christmasdindins 022

christmasdindins 025

christmasdindins 035

christmasdindins 034christmasdindins 011

Prawn cocktail with smoked salmon for a starter. Turkey cooked with creme fraiche and herbs, roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beetroot, potatoes, shallots, parsnips wrapped in bacon, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. Mulled wine poached pears with hazelnuts and ice-cream. Cava, champagne, Chambord, Baileys.

And we have plenty of leftovers.

What did you eat on Christmas day?

I’m nearly, almost done with the festive themed posts. I promise.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner

  1. Love this post – that food all looks amazing!
    And your hairband made me giggle, it suits you :-P
    Love poached pears, I believe we’re having some for dessert on Wednesday when my family comes to visit so I’m looking forward to that!
    My family is a little unconventional when it comes to lunch on Christmas day: we eat what is basically a buffet of party food :-) (We have a more traditional meal on Christmas Eve, don’t worry!)
    I’m glad you had such a great Christmas!
    p.s I LOVE my new Kindle :-D

    • Why thankyou :) Poached pears are awesome! I usually don’t like cooked fruit as a dessert, because I don’t like the texture, but pears don’t go completely mushy like other fruit, and also taste delicious.
      Yes I read your post about your Christmas traditions, it was really interesting! I never knew you were half French.
      I did thanks, I hope you had a great time as well!
      Yay Kindle! Have you read anything amazing on it? I kind of wish I’d had one while I was at uni, it would have made life so much easier in some ways! (Like when the book I wanted wasn’t in the university bookshop or the library, and I couldn’t wait to have it delivered from Amazon, for example.)

  2. yes yes yes. that’s where priorities need to be… on the FOOD! :) you’re a girl after my own heart. really. hope you have a positively magicaly holiday!

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