Something for the holidays

Something to listen to Fistful of Love by Anthony & The Johnsons. If I think too hard about this song I feel a little queasy, because the lyrics make me incredibly sad and creeped out but the song itself makes me happy because it just sounds amazing. The whole album I Am A Bird Now is pretty good but this song is a bit different from the others, and completely amazing. (Seriously though, don’t think too hard about the lyrics. You might cry.)

Something to watch You’ve got the Radio Times to tell you what festive entertainment is on the telly, so you don’t need me for that. I’m suggesting that when you are oversaturated from watching the same films that you watched this time last year, go watch Black Books.

Something to drink Here are my suggestions for your holiday beverages. You can thank me later.


Pour the Biscotti Baileys over vanilla ice-cream, or throw some in your coffee. Have a mulled ginger wine with a Fireball chaser when you’re so freezing you need warming up from the inside out. Drink Blue Moon any time of day or night.

Something to read Treat yourself to a Christmas present and do the world a favour by buying one (or all) of Oxfam’s Ox-Tales short story collections. They’re all great reads, perfect for this time of year when attention spans might be short, and for a good cause.


Something to wear Hey, ladies: Get one of these dresses.


I now have one in yellow, and one in green. They’re comfortable, flattering, plain enough to dress down and striking enough to dress up. The shape of the skirt doesn’t look ridiculous, but because it’s a circle it’s very fun to swish around. They’re from Dorothy Perkins and are £22 full price, but I found both of mine on sale racks for £15 and £12 respectively. I am actually plotting the purchase of the red and purple ones – is it very sad to have the same dress in four colours?

What will you be listening to, watching, drinking, reading and wearing over the holidays?

11 thoughts on “Something for the holidays

  1. If you’ve never seen it before, you HAVE to watch Singin’ in the Rain at 3pm on More 4 on Christmas Day. I’m a total sad case because I know every word, but I’ll still be watching it with a gin and tonic in hand.

  2. I don’t know what I’ll be reading! It’s time to pick up a new book. Or read one from my ever-growing stack of unread books. Cute dress! I love how simple it is. And hey, the U.S. version is apparently only $27, not too impossible. I’ll be drinking a cosmo or two and probably some red wine.

    • Haha I totally feel you on the never-ending stack of unread books. I’ve just been out today and bought two more second-hand books to add to the pile. I might have to set myself a goal of getting through them next year, though I will obviously just buy more every time I read one.
      A cosmo? Very sophisticated! :)

  3. “Fistful of Love” is sensational, I love the spoken-word intro from Lou Reed. Such a hopeful song, and then . . . not. To answer your question(s) . . . bad cracker jokes, diet lemonade, a book, and clothes. Happy Xmas!

  4. I love Baileys over ice cream is delicious, I’ve never had Biscotti Baileys but I really want a bottle now, Christmas may well be my excuse ;-)
    And your something to wear is just lovely, it seems that I am taking lots of inspiration from you today because I’m really tempted to get myself one of those dresses!
    I love the purple like you, the dark red and the grey.
    In terms of what am I watching this Christmas? Pretty much all of the special cooking programs: Nigel Slater, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson… Slightly obsessed maybe?

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